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Google Adds Street View Imagery To 150 More Universities

Google announced today that it is releasing Street View imagery for over 150 university campuses globally, adding to its growing list, which is currently about about 275 schools. “With classes just getting started, freshman students, transfers and even empty-nesting parents can now familiarize themselves with college campuses around the world, including UCLA in the U.S., Pembroke College in the U.K., …

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Google Maps Enlists Students To Help Map Out University Campuses

When I was in college, one sight I never failed to enjoy was that of a frenzied (typically younger) student sprinting across campus on their way to a class they were undoubtedly late for. I loved seeing this, but not because I’m really that mean; I enjoyed it mostly because I remember when that was me. Similarly, I also liked …

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Students Missing Out On Jobs Due To Poor Info

With unemployment numbers sitting where they are, you would think that schools and universities would be doing all they can to help place students into jobs upon graduation. But, despite having the skills employers want, nearly half of young people are missing out on career opportunities due to a lack of information from schools and universities. New research reveals that …

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