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Google Adds Street View Imagery To 150 More Universities Google Adds Street View Imagery To 150 More Universities

Google announced today that it is releasing Street View imagery for over 150 university campuses globally, adding to its growing list, which is currently about about 275 schools. “With classes just getting started, freshman students, transfers and even empty-nesting parents …

Google Maps Enlists Students To Help Map Out University Campuses Google Maps Enlists Students To Help Map Out University Campuses

When I was in college, one sight I never failed to enjoy was that of a frenzied (typically younger) student sprinting across campus on their way to a class they were undoubtedly late for. I loved seeing this, but not …

Students Missing Out On Jobs Due To Poor Info Students Missing Out On Jobs Due To Poor Info

With unemployment numbers sitting where they are, you would think that schools and universities would be doing all they can to help place students into jobs upon graduation. But, despite having the skills employers want, nearly half of young people …

Google TV Goes to School
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Google has announced a program called Google TV for EDU, which is described as a seeding program to support university research. Google essentially gives Google TV devices (Logitech Revues) to university faculty for the purpose of carrying out in-classroom research. 

The Google TV team has been working with Google’s Student Ambassador Program and University Programs to give students and faculty around the country access to Google TV. 

Universities Listening To Talks Of Blanket Music Licensing At The ISP Level

Warner Music Group’s Jim Griffen, who has been a vocal proponent of blanket music licensing at the ISP level, is out pitching the idea to some of America’s top universities.

Google Seeking Relationships With Alumni Organizations

In all honesty, this development turned out to be less exciting than it originally seemed.  Still, it’s at least somewhat interesting to note that Google intends to establish relationships with university alumni programs.

Google Seeking Relationships With Alumni Organizations  Google Alumni Relations Program
  (Screenshot Credit: Google Jobs)


Google Courting More Students With Email

Google’s serious about creating relationships with the greater Academia – its founders were collegiate all-stars building printers out of Legos, and of course badly-named search engines (Google was once called BackRub, we imagine because that was Larry Page’s best pickup line) – ahem, as more and more universities turn their email systems over to the search engine company.

File-Sharing Could Get University Funding Cut?
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So as state-funded university tuition rises faster than the inflation rate, grants are becoming nonexistent, and students are actually looking abroad to complete their education cheaper and in half the time, Congressmen cozy with the RIAA are threatening to cut their funding more if they don’t play ball with the recording labels.

Google Ad Policy Cracks Down On Plagiarism

Advertisements for weapons, drugs, and prostitutes have been banned from Google.  All right, fair enough.  But now advertisements for essay-writing services will also be forbidden, and while more than a few people have raised their eyebrows, others have cheered.

Google Book Search Goes to Germany

The Bavarian State Library has decided to partake in Googles project to scan books from the world’s great collections.  As one of the largest libraries in the German-speaking world, the library has around nine million volumes and will make around one million books available to Google search. 

On-line Universities and Degrees – Find the Right One for You

The first step to finding the right online university is to decide what degree you want. Do you want an undergraduate or graduate degree?

Gates Admonishes US Universities

Citing tougher US immigration laws, the proliferation of Asian (specifically Chinese) engineering, and a declining number of US engineering grads, Bill Gates issued a warning to educational institutions that the US is in danger of losing its leading technological status.