Google Maps Enlists Students To Help Map Out University Campuses


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When I was in college, one sight I never failed to enjoy was that of a frenzied (typically younger) student sprinting across campus on their way to a class they were undoubtedly late for. I loved seeing this, but not because I'm really that mean; I enjoyed it mostly because I remember when that was me. Similarly, I also liked spotting the odd college student making their way across campus with map in tow, searching for that seemingly hidden building where their class was being held. Again, seeing this warmed my heart but only out of empathy because, like I said, once upon a time that was me.

Such awkward coed adventures may soon exist only in the trunks of nostalgia if Google has anything to do with the modern college experience. Earlier this year they announced that they'd given a few university campuses the Street View treatment. Perhaps realizing the scale required to map out each individual university campus in the United States and Canada, though, Google's decided to call in the experts on college campuses: the students themselves.

Through their Google+ page, Google Maps announced the inaugural Map Your University competition for all students in the U.S. and Canada. Through the use of Google's Map Maker, Google is asking current students to create detailed maps of their campuses that will be viewable on Google Maps and Google Earth. Winners of the competition will be award fun Google-y prizes such as Android tablets, phones, GPS devices, and more.

Full details of the event can be found on the official Map Your University page. Entries are only being accepted February 13 through March 9, so attention interested students: here's your hot plans for Spring Break 2012!