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United Airlines Parent Company Settles Bias Claim

The United States Department of Justice said Tuesday that United Continental Holdings Inc. has settled a claim that Continental Airlines discriminated against employees who were legal permanent residents of the United States but weren’t U.S. citizens. According to The Associated Press, the Justice Department said that Continental asked legal permanent residents to fill out extra forms and show proof of …

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Chicago-Portland Flight: Disruptive Man Arrested

What is it about the Portland flights? People seem to be getting a little stir-crazy these days. Maybe cabin fever is getting to everyone and spring just needs to hurry up and arrive. A man on a United Airlines flight Monday decided he wanted a Jack Daniels — well, four drinks to be exact. And when he was cut off, …

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Carry-On Luggage: The United Airlines Crackdown

“I’ve been whacked more times than I can count by people loaded down with their life’s worldly possessions.” If you fly United Airlines any time soon, be prepared to get “eyeballed” by security check workers. This crackdrown from the Chicago-based airline has recently been enforced to better the rules about the size of carry-on luggage. The new enforcement started with …

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United Airlines Glitch: Free Tickets To Passengers

United Airlines experienced a computer glitch and as a result, each of the people that bought these tickets, is being given them for free. While in some cases, they would have been cancelled, everyone who purchased them at the right time is rewarded in this situation. In a very embarrassing mistake, the airline had plane tickets available for free and …

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United Airlines Pulls Pre-Boarding Privileges for Parents

If you’re one of the many individuals out there with kids, then chances are you’ve enjoyed the pre-boarding perks granted to you by various airlines over the course of your worldly travels. This gives you and your brood an opportunity to hop onboard, get your gear stowed, and strap your children in for the ride ahead. Unfortunately for you and …

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