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Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Goes Free To Play This Week

In the past, Sony has experimented with free to play by making Killzone 3’s multiplayer free to play to a certain point. The experiment must have worked pretty well because Sony is now offering the multiplayer component from Uncharted 3 for free. Naughty Dog announced that Uncharted 3 will be broken up into parts and sold separately from each other …

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Sony Announces Even Smaller PlayStation 3, Launches Later This Month

Since the first PlayStation, Sony has always released a smaller model of the console. The PlayStation 3 got its smaller model back in 2009. It’s now 2012, and Sony is going even smaller. At the company’s TGS press conference, Sony announced a new, smaller PlayStation 3. The new model is 20 percent smaller and 25 lighter than the current PS3 …

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Uncharted Games Edited Into Feature Films

It’s undeniable that the Uncharted series from Naughty Dog is one of the most cinematic series to embrace gaming. You could even argue that the series should be a movie. There are still plans going around to make an actual Uncharted film, but an intrepid Redditor has done Hollywood one better. Redditor morphinapg has edited the cutscenes and gameplay of …

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New Downloadable Content For Uncharted 3 April 10

Naughty dog had announced a new DLC for Uncharted 3, to be released in just a few days: April 10 to be exact. The DLC comes in the form of a new map pack that includes four new environments at a cost of $10. If you are a member of the Fortune Hunters’ Club, the download is free. Well, it …

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