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Weather Channel Apologizes To Fort Worth, TX Councilman Joel Burns For Rude Tweet

The Weather Channel has definitely ruffled the feathers of Fort Worth, TX residents. On Monday, May 12 the television channel landed in hot water after sending a crude tweet to an openly gay Texas politician. A minute issue that could have been rectified with the quick change of a few pictures quickly evolved into an epic Twitter failure. It all …

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American Airlines Reports Teen’s Terroristic Tweet

There are few things in this world that are quite as annoying as spoiled teenagers attempting to troll about non-laughing matters. No matter how hard these clueless youngsters try, the reality of terrorism in a post-9/11 world is never going to be funny to anyone with any kind of sense. Especially when the company you choose to send your threat …

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AT&T’s 9/11 Tweet Doesn’t Go Over Well

While the mobile industry is being owned by Apple’s iPhone Event, one of the primary distributors of Apple’s flagship device is making news as well. The problem is, it’s not the for the same reasons as the upcoming iPhone 5S/C. Instead, AT&T tried to leverage the significance behind the day’s date (9/11) for commercial reasons, and issued a truly misguided …

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