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Happy Birthday Song: Where Did It Come From?

Happy birthday to you…. Almost everyone knows the “Happy Birthday Song” in one form or another. While this is true of the song, there are some interesting tidbits about this particular melody you may not know. Surprisingly, one of the …

A Google A Day Trailer Shows Off Google+ Integration A Google A Day Trailer Shows Off Google+ Integration

Last year Google partnered with The New York Times to launch a trivia game called A Google A Day. The game has players use Google search to find the answer to different trivia questions that are updated daily. Google set …

IMDB Trivia App Tests Your Movie Knowledge IMDB Trivia App Tests Your Movie Knowledge

Everyone’s go-to site when it comes to stuff about film and TV has just launched their own trivia app, IMDB Trivia. IMDB Trivia is a free-to-play app, meaning that it’s a free download and the game itself is free – …

Delish.com Launches Social Trivia Game On Facebook

Food website Delish.com, operated jointly by Hearst Magazines Digital and MSN, have launched a social trivia game on Facebook called the Delish Challenge.

The Delish Challenge features more than 1,000 food-related questions that tests users knowledge as they work their way up the restaurant ladder from busser to executive chef.  Along the way users gather virtual goods, which can be traded with friends, including sushi knives, wine glasses and spicy chilies, Trivia topics include desserts, healthy cooking, comfort food and regional cuisines.