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May the Fourth Be With You, Always, On Star Wars Day

You’ve most likely seen the original trilogy, and depending on your age suffered through or enjoyed movies I, II, and III. Star Wars is so much deeper than that, it really has become its own culture, and for some a religion. The amount of stories, characters, and lore surrounding the Star Wars universe could completely rule a person’s life. For …

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Celebrating Nyan Cat’s One Year Birthday

How does it feel when you watch memes age before your eyes? Does it give you pause, realizing how many trends have become popular, only to be forgotten almost as quickly since Nyan Cat was uploaded? After enough memes start aging, you begin to realize you’ve spent a great deal of time online, and, after a while, things like Nyan …

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Bruce Weber: Out at Illinois, Trends on Twitter

Bruce Weber has been relieved of his head coaching duties at the University of Illinois, and as is the case with most sports-related topics, his firing has become a steady trend on Twitter. The social media era, if anything, has at least made one thing perfectly clear: the revolution may not be televised, but it will be talked about on …

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Tom Brady’s Graphics Won Super Bowl Sunday

While his team may not have defeated the New York Giants — Justin Tuck, not Eli should’ve been the MVP — it’s clear the graphic NBC used to “promote” the New England quarterback were in a world of their own. In fact, the three graphics may have trumped David Beckham’s commercial for the most awkward moment award of the Super …

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