Tom Brady's Graphics Won Super Bowl Sunday

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While his team may not have defeated the New York Giants -- Justin Tuck, not Eli should've been the MVP -- it's clear the graphic NBC used to "promote" the New England quarterback were in a world of their own. In fact, the three graphics may have trumped David Beckham's commercial for the most awkward moment award of the Super Bowl.

In case you missed them, these gems showed up sometime during the third quarter, and to tell the truth, it looks like NBC used outtake photographs instead of official promotional material. Maybe during the session when these pictures were taken, there were a number of photography sessions, and these were pieces of greatness were supposed to be throwaways. However, instead of the discarding them, someone trolled Brady and used the silly images instead.

The lead image is a gift in and of itself, but the fun didn't stop there:

Tom Brady graphic

Tom Brady graphic

These images left such an impression, a number of prominent NFL blogs jumped on the bandwagon, as folks try and digest all that we were exposed to during last night's "event." According to Kissing Suzy Kolber's irreverent style, Brady's graphics are "so hawt." In the oh-so-quotable words of Christmas Ape:

[Brady] might have also hung up an underthrown deep ball to Gronkowski that was picked, but Collinsworth wanted to blame that one on Gronk for some misguided reason, which is dumb but helps us stick with a theme. Anyway, Dreamboat got some Brady-ain’t-care trolling for his own in before all was said and done, posing for an NBC in-game montage looking FIERCE...

Over at Yahoo's Shutdown Corner blog, the Mighty MJD gets in on the Brady fun, as does Deadspin. From Deadspin's perspective, NBC's apparent goal was to make players look "as demented as possible."

All things considered, I'm going to stick with the idea that NBC's graphic designers are a bunch of trolls. Whatever the case, Brady's graphics are gifts that keep on giving.

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