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Apple’s Touch ID Spurs Fingerprint Scanner Market

Though Apple’s share of the smartphone market has been overtaken by a flood of Android devices, the company is still setting the industry trends. The iPhone 5S was announced back in September and is no exception to this trend. In addition to its 64-bit A7 processor, the major upgrade in the device over the iPhone 5 is the new Touch …

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Pinnacle Achieved: You Can Unlock the New iPhone with Your Peen

Last year, when Apple unveiled the iPhone 5, reviews of the device reached their logical conclusion as some guy had sex with one. Not really, but he pretended to – and it was funnyish. Now, in a life-affirming twist of reality mimicking (admittedly immature) art, we have confirmation that you can in fact unlock your new iPhone 5S with your …

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iPhone 5s Touch ID Fingerprint Technology Apparently Hacked In Just A Day [Video]

Well, that didn’t take long. The iPhone 5s was released on Friday with its Touch ID fingerprint-scanning security technology, and it looks as though it may have already been hacked. In fact, it had already been done by Saturday, when the Chaos Computer Club (based in Germany) claimed to have done so, providing a video as evidence. “A fingerprint of …

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No, You Can’t Use A Disembodied Finger To Get Past The iPhone 5S’ Fingerprint Scanner

The iPhone 5S was pretty much everything we thought it would be when it was revealed last week. All the rumors, including the fingerprint scanner, turned out to be true. That doesn’t make this kind of technology any less intriguing, however, and now people are starting to ask questions. For example – can a thief chop off your finger and …

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