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Focusing on Buttocks: What You Need to Know About Facebook’s Newest Attempt to Clarify Its Content Rules Focusing on Buttocks: What You Need to Know About Facebook’s Newest Attempt to Clarify Its Content Rules

What can you post on Facebook and will Facebook remove it? What’s ok and what crosses the line? Where the hell is the line? Facebook has pulled the curtain back – at least a sliver – on its much-maligned content …

Star Trek: TOS Gets Final Two Years of Original Mission, Thanks to Fans

Star Trek: The Original Series, as the television show that started it all is called nowadays, had a problem. The show’s iconic intro voiceover proclaimed that the U.S.S. Enterprise has a “five-year mission”, but the show was canceled after only …

Pinterest Copyright Policy vs Pinterest Terms Pinterest Copyright Policy vs Pinterest Terms
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While Pinterest is a great inspiration source for artists, and generally a great place for finding designs and recipes (my wife made a pineapple upside-down cake from a Pinterest recipe just yesterday), the debate over how Pinterest handles its copyright …

The Conclusion of Facebook’s Voting Process

Based on a post for the General Counsel for facebook-logoFacebook, Ted Ullyot, the results for the Facebook vote are in and the new rules / terms of service are in. Or are they?

Google Employee Sued For TOS Violation

Jeremy Schoemaker of ShoeMoney has sued a Google employee, who owns a website that uses the patented keyword “ShoeMoney” of the company.

Facebook Unveils New TOS On April 16th

This year April 16th is no longer just the day after your taxes must be done (or extensions filed depending on what’s going on). Thisdemocracy-we-the-people day is now a new Opening Day of sorts. It is the day the Facebook’s new terms of service (TOS) will be unveiled after the 30 day public comment period.

More On Facebook’s TOS

After what can only be termed a kerfuffle last week over changes to its Terms of Service, Facebook has decided to take some pretty drastic steps to address the issue of content ownership on the social networking site: they’re soliciting input from their users.

Facebook’s Terms Of Service

Yielding to pressure from it seems like just about everyone, Facebook is saying that it will make changes to the recent changes in its Terms of Service (TOS) (in other words going back to how it was). The WSJ covers the ‘event’ in their online edition.

Facebook Now Owns All The Content You Put On…Facebook

As I was sitting down to a nice comfortable night at home I was alerted via Twitter about a change in theterms-of-service Terms of Service (TOS) at Facebook that could be pretty significant. Since I am not totally aware of the protocol for referencing tweets as sources, I will simply give you the whole deal here so the right people can get their Twitter props: