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Hackers Break Into Banks And Steal 60 Million Euros Hackers Break Into Banks And Steal 60 Million Euros

McAfee and Guardian Analytics released a joint report today saying that more than 60 firms have suffered from what it has called an “insider level of understanding.” The automated malicious software program was discovered and it was designed to use …

Adam Clayton: U2 Bassist Has $4 Million Stolen by Personal Assistant
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Adam Clayton, bassist for the rock band U2, was astonished to learn that his personal assistant, Carol Hawkins, had stolen nearly $4 million from his bank account over a four year period, $600,000 of which went to the purchase of …

Moon Rock Chips Make It Back To NASA After 30+ Years

What a long strange trip it’s been for some moon rock chips. If they’re real, they’re part of a limited supply of about 842 pounds of rock collected by U.S. astronauts in six missions between Apollo 11 in 1969 and …

Bitcoin Theft Drains $92,000 from Bitcoinica Bitcoin Theft Drains $92,000 from Bitcoinica

A Bitcoin exchange service was victim of a security breach over the weekend in a heist that yielded 18,547 BTC to unknown hackers. A post on Bitcoinica’s official blog detailed that its servers were compromised and, following the complete draining …

Chris Brown Accused By Fan Of Stealing Her Phone Chris Brown Accused By Fan Of Stealing Her Phone
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On Sunday night, the ever feuding Chris Brown had another incident in what seems to be a never ending stream to constantly remind us of how much of a terrible human being he is! According to the accuser, when she …

Police Want Way To Shut Down Phones Remotely Police Want Way To Shut Down Phones Remotely
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Getting your phone stolen is pretty bad. Having the information on your phone stolen is even worse. Washington D.C. police want a solution. While there are there ways such as Find My iPhone and other tracking software available to find …

TSA Agent Steals Money From Passenger at JFK International Airport
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In the spirit of providing outstanding customer service and unparalleled security a Transportation Security Administration agent at John F. Kennedy International Airport stole $5,000 in cash from a Bangladeshi passenger’s jacket. Alexandra Schmid took the money as it went along …

Does Recording Sex Acts Cross the Line for Stolen-Laptop-Tracking Companies? Does Recording Sex Acts Cross the Line for Stolen-Laptop-Tracking Companies?
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As many of you probably know, there are now plenty of companies out there that can help you retrieve your laptop, should it fall into the wrong hands. These companies do this by activating pre-installed software once your computer is …

Hidden App Helps Man Retrieve Stolen MacBook Hidden App Helps Man Retrieve Stolen MacBook
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The folks over at Hidden must be pretty excited right about now. The Watford, England based company has become the focal point of a story out of Oakland, California about a guy who successfully retrieved his stolen MacBook by using …

Thieves Rip Finger Flesh Off iPad Buyer
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In Denver, a man bought an iPad for a friend at the Apple Store in Cherry Creek Mall, but soon after had it stolen by thieves, who ripped the flesh off his finger while taking it.

The victim, Bill Jordan, told local media he had the cords of the bag tied around his hand, and when one of the thieves yanked it, he couldn’t let go, and it literally tore the flesh off his finger, leaving nothing but bone.

Fake Craigslist Ads Placed To Cover Burglary
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Fake ads on Craigslist inviting people to take anything they wanted from an Oregon mans home were not pranks but part of a plan to cover up a burglary.

Digg Blocked For “Bandwidth Theft”
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It’s hard to find anybody to agree with the logic, and certainly the only people that appear to be writing about it have done so to heap ridicule and scorn, but (apparently) the same person to bring us WhyFirefoxIsBlocked.com has now introduced WhyDiggIsBlocked.com.

Social Networks Open To ID Theft

More than 10.8 million people across the UK are registered to a social networking site according to new research by Get Safe Online.

Study Gives Insight Into Identity Theft
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The Center for Identity Management and Information Protection (CIMIP) has released the first -ever study of closed United States Secret Service cases dealing with identity theft.

Where Mainstream Fails, YouTube Delivers Dick
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It’s not exactly a stretch to say the White House has public relations issues. For the most part, though, footage that could be held against them has been dug up by the Daily Show more than the mainstream media. And then came YouTube.

What you might call a fringe group – global conspiracy prophets are fringe, right? – have uploaded an obscure video from 1994, where then former Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney defended the decision not to invade Iraq following the Gulf War (a decision which, if you remember in fairness, broke poor Al Gore’s heart).

Microsoft Finally Helped New Zealand Police

While seeking evidence that a suspect in New Zealand was the member of a burglary ring, authorities in the country tried obtaining details about the man and were rebuffed by Microsoft.

It took a court order for Microsoft to change its tune about not being subject to laws in New Zealand. Police wanted to identify a man who had provided his name, address, and phone number to Microsoft when attempting to purchase a part for a stolen Xbox 360.

eBay Launches Web Smart Guide For Safety

According to a recent survey, a lot of Australians feel the online world is becoming a safer place to shop – 76 percent, to be exact.

Preventing Web Theft and Copyright Violation

When you are serious about making your web marketing strategy work for you (I hope you are)! A great deal of your time, effort, and money is usually involved in its application.

Protect Employees Against Identity Theft

As more and more Americans are becoming victims of identity theft, many employers are increasing their level of security to protect their employees.

ATMs: Active Theft Mechanisms

A recent Gartner study claims ATM and debit card fraud cost $2.75 billion in losses last year.

Surviving Website Identity Theft

Every now and then you read about identity theft. I am not talking about the theft of your personal identity, sure that happens too, I am talking about the theft of a website’s identity. The big question is: What should you do if somebody with deeper pockets and more push creates a website similar to yours, stealing your limelight, and your hard earned visitors? Let me answer your question from my own experience.