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Emilia Clarke Cast In Upcoming “Terminator” Film

In the newly announced and upcoming Terminator reboot, Emilia Clarke has been chosen to play the role of Sarah Connor. It is a role of high demand, and one that was made famous by Linda Hamilton in James Cameron’s classic 1984 film, The Terminator. The casting for Sarah Connor was initially narrowed down to two remaining actresses, Emilia Clarke and …

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Terminator Reboot Coming in Summer 2015

Though 2009’s Terminator Salvation was a welcome addition to the Terminator movie franchise after the confused and poorly received Terminator 3, it still didn’t reinvigorate the Terminator story for general audiences. Now, movie makers are wiping the slate clean with a reboot of the entire sci-fi world of Terminator. Paramount Pictures officially announced this week that a Terminator reboot will …

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