Emilia Clarke Cast In Upcoming "Terminator" Film


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In the newly announced and upcoming Terminator reboot, Emilia Clarke has been chosen to play the role of Sarah Connor. It is a role of high demand, and one that was made famous by Linda Hamilton in James Cameron's classic 1984 film, The Terminator.

The casting for Sarah Connor was initially narrowed down to two remaining actresses, Emilia Clarke and Brie Larson, and it was recently reported that Clarke has emerged as the choice for the role.

The new film is being directed by Alan Taylor, who previously directed Game Of Thrones, giving Emilia Clarke a bit of an edge over Larson, and others competing for the role. Clarke has secured the iconic role of Sarah Connor, a central role in the upcoming film, which has yet to be given a title.

She is the future mother of John Connor, who grows up to be the leader of the human resistance in the war between humanity and the cyborgs. The role of John Connor has not been cast yet, however Jason Clarke is in talks for the role. This film will include a young Kyle Reese and an adult Connor, the Terminator robot is tasked to protect Sarah Connor from childhood and into young adulthood.

After receiving much support from her beloved Game of Thrones fans, the casting of Emilia Clarke is likely to make a lot of people happy. She plays the role of Daenerys Targaryen in the popular HBO series, and in addition to her upcoming role of Sarah Connor, she is set to appear in the upcoming film Dom Hemingway.

The new Terminator film will be presented by Paramount, Annapurna Pictures and Skydance Productions in a a collaborative big-budget effort that will also see Arnold Schwarzenegger reprising his role as the terminator.

In addition to the new film, fans of the Terminator series are also able to get excited over a new television series that will be made in conjunction with the film. The television idea has already been done once, and while The Sarah Connor Chronicles proved to be a failure for the most part, perhaps another shot at the idea could give it success. Emilia Clarke also has an interesting connection to the first series since her Game Of Thrones co-star Lena Headey was the one who played Sarah Connor in the show.

With Emilia Clarke cast in the role of Sarah Connor in the upcoming Terminator film, the 26-year-old actress will be looking at even more success, and expanding on her career with another big role in a fantasy series.

Image via Wikimedia Commons