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Jennifer Aniston Tells Ellen DeGeneres, “I’m the No. 1 Snubbed”

Jennifer Aniston visited with talk show host Ellen DeGeneres this afternoon, and while there told her, “I’m the No. 1 snubbed!” The Friends star joked about her Oscar snub for her role in the upcoming film Cake. “That’s the silver lining, right?” she asked Ellen of her self-named title. Jennifer Aniston did express her enthusiasm over the fact that Cake …

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The Simpsons Lego Episode Airs This Sunday

Everything old is new again. Legos have been around since 1949, yet they’re as popular as ever. This Sunday night’s episode of The Simpsons will be the show’s 550th. It will also feature an animation gag that the show has never done before, all of Springfield and its characters will transform into Legos. If you’re thinking that the masterminds behind …

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‘LEGO Movie’ Outtakes Reel Released

The LEGO Movie is a hit with critics. Though the film has been marketed as an average February movie for children, it turns out that the movie is actually a clever, subversive jab at conformity and authority. The LEGO Movie raked in cash over the weekend thanks in part to its quality over other movies released during the Hollywood wasteland …

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The Lego Movie Expected to Earn $60 Mil over Weekend

The LEGO Movie will set surprisingly high box office numbers this weekend. Critical praise and a great marketing strategy won the film most of its viewers, but the LEGO’s main selling point was its family appeal. Children and parents can enjoy the film equally: parents view a visually sophisticated and complex animated feature, while the younger viewers see something kid-friendly. LEGO …

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The LEGO Movie Videogame Is Out Today

The LEGO Movie just came out of left field as one of the early critical darlings of the year. All the trailers and pre-release content made it seem like your usual children’s fare, but it’s currently sitting at a 98 percent on Rotten Tomatoes with only one negative review so far. With reviews like that, you can finally feel good …

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