'LEGO Movie' Outtakes Reel Released

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The LEGO Movie is a hit with critics. Though the film has been marketed as an average February movie for children, it turns out that the movie is actually a clever, subversive jab at conformity and authority. The LEGO Movie raked in cash over the weekend thanks in part to its quality over other movies released during the Hollywood wasteland that usually is February.

Warner Bros. is Now capitalizing on the movie's success with a bit more content for those who enjoyed it. The studio today released what it's referring to as an outtakes reel for the movie.

The LEGO Movie being animated film, the bloopers were, of course, pre-planned. Some of the outtakes fall a bit flat due to their scripted nature. Others spoil some of the movie's gags for those that haven't seen it. Still, those who are on-board with the silly humor of The LEGO movie may find the bloopers to be awesome.

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