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Lou Ferrigno: I Know How The Hulk Thinks and Feels

Lou Ferrigno recently sat down with I Am Rogue managing editor Jami Philbrick to talk about his upcoming role in The Scorpion King 4: Quest for Power. But in that conversation, you know a comic fan would have to ask a few questions about The Hulk. Ferrigno famously played The Hulk with actor Bill Bixby as David Banner in the …

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Lego Marvel Super Heroes Previewed at Comic-Con, Features Playable Stan Lee

Though Lego’s most recent Lego video game announcement involves a game version of the upcoming The Lego Movie, the next Lego game fans are really waiting for is Lego Marvel Super Heroes. The last look Marvel and Lego fans got at the game was back in June, when a trailer showed off most of the current Avengers movie lineup in …

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Hulk Rumors: No New Hulk Movie in the Works

It’s been hard for Marvel to found a stable Hulk franchise in recent years. A decade ago, Eric Bana filled Bruce Banner’s shoes in Ang Lee’s Hulk, which received mixed reviews. More recently, Edward Norton took a stab at becoming the Hulk, but abandoned the role soon after. Mark Ruffalo signed on to star as Bruce Banner in last year’s …

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New Avengers Clip Promises Two Things: The Hulk and Smashing

Unfortunately, all the YouTube uploads of this particular clip are in standard definition, but that should not stop you from enjoying it, even if it isn’t in glorious high-def. Besides successfully upping the hype level surrounding this already-off-the-charts movie, the new TV clip gives a glimpse of something, well, incredible. Something incredible, something big, and something green, all rolled into …

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Superman Versus The Hulk: Fan Film Excellence

How many of you have wanted to see two of the most powerful entities in the comic book universe square off in battle royale outside of the comic book pages? Since neither Marvel or DC Comics will cross their content streams in the world of movies–crossover comic stories don’t count; nor do video games–it’s up to the fans to provide …

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