Affluenza Teen: Family Foots Only Fraction Of Rehab

Affluenza Teen: Family Foots Only Fraction Of Rehab

By Ashley Olds April 12, 2014

Many were outraged when Texas teen Ethan Couch – responsible for taking the lives of four people as he drove intoxicated in his family’s company truck – was only sentenced to ten years of counseling. Recent reports from court officials …

Into The Wild Teen Death Leads To Family Reactions Into The Wild Teen Death Leads To Family Reactions

Can passions become our downfall? The heart-breaking story of an admirable eighteen-year-old with the wide smile has left many devastated. People say that life imitates art, which unfortunately has tragic meaning to the young Johnathan Croom, who was passionate about …

Wolf Attack In Minnesota Is The State’s First


The first official reporting of a gray wolf attack in Minnesota occurred on Saturday at the West Winnie Campground located on Lake Winnibigoshish. The victim, a sixteen-year-old boy named Noah Graham, was attacked and bitten in the head by a …

Trayvon Martin Case Won't Be Heard By Grand Jury Trayvon Martin Case Won't Be Heard By Grand Jury

Florida state appointed special prosecutor Angela Corey said Monday she will not take the Trayvon Martin shooting death before a grand jury. Under Florida law, only first-degree murder cases require the use of grand juries. Corey said her decision to …

Obama: "If I Had A Son, He'd Look Like Trayvon." Obama: "If I Had A Son, He'd Look Like Trayvon."

President Obama spoke out during a press conference yesterday about the shooting death of 17-year old Trayvon Martin, saying that the incident evokes thoughts of his own children, just like it does for many Americans. “If I had a son, …

Porn Star Accepts Prom Invite From Teen Porn Star Accepts Prom Invite From Teen

When 18-year old Minnesota high school student Michael Stone realized that just about every girl in his class had a prom date already, he decided to pursue other avenues to find an escort; he took to Twitter. But he wasn’t …

Facebook Blamed For Thailand Pregnancies Facebook Blamed For Thailand Pregnancies
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According to Thaliand’s National Economic and Social Development Board, Facebook is at fault for rampant teen pregnancy in that country. Women under 20 years old accounted for 14% of all Thai moms in 2009-2010, putting Thailand on top of Unicef’s …

Teens: Tweeting Or Not?

While the subject is often debated, there is mounting evidence that the Internet community’s desire to pin the label of ‘early adopter’ for new technology advances on the youngest users may be misguided. Earlier this month we asked the question as to whether teens use Twitter and it looks like the answer is, for the most part, not so much.

The Relationship Between Teens And Music

A new UK Music research study highlights the complexity of consuming, copying and sharing of music between 14-24 year-olds.

The Use Of Twitter By The Teen Demographic

Yeah, yeah, yeah—I’m sure we can all name some anecdotal evidence of teens who either hate Twitter or who can’t get off it. But by and large, according to a new Nielsen report, teens just aren’t on Twitter.

Or are they? The chart from the report looks at users on Twitter.com (as opposed to on phones or desktop clients):

Is Twitter Setup For Easy Stalking?

No, it’s not just the bird. And, no it’s not my opinion. One of my teenagers told me that Twitter is creepy. And I saw a recent post by Paul Dunay where his fourteen-year-old’s friends "wanted nothing to do with [Twitter]." Given the meteoric rise of Twitter, how can it be that at least some members of the digital generation have such negative reactions? These very same kids are active in Facebook beyond all bounds of time management, so they are not cyber-shy.