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Flying Planes With An iPhone Flying Planes With An iPhone

I guess all that time spent playing Cube Runner could prove useful after all. An associate professor of aeronautics and her students at MIT have developed a system for controlling small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) with your basic iPhone. Professor …

iPad 3 Rumor: New LED Back-Light System for Retina Display? iPad 3 Rumor: New LED Back-Light System for Retina Display?

You know those awesome, super high-resolution retina displays that are said to be coming to the next-generation iPads? Apparently, Apple needs to modify their back-lighting in order to support the new technology. According to DigiTimes, LED Back-light unit vendors have …

Anthropomorphic Robot Does Push-Ups, Sweats Anthropomorphic Robot Does Push-Ups, Sweats
· 1

Folks, I gotta tell you – I’m feeling a bit emotionally perplexed. On one hand this extremely human-like robot, developed by Boston Dynamics, is jaw-dropping in its technological achievement. On the other hand it’s utterly frightening, as it’s the closest …

This Spherical Flying Machine is One Little Ball of Awesome This Spherical Flying Machine is One Little Ball of Awesome

Did you ever wonder what it would look like if you mixed a helicopter with an airplane and then wrapped it up inside a spherical cage? Well, you’re in luck. This spherical flying machine, developed by the Japan Ministry of …

HoloDesk Lets You Play With Virtual Balls HoloDesk Lets You Play With Virtual Balls
· 1

Microsoft has released a video of an experimental project called the HoloDesk. The HoloDesk uses an optical see-through display and a Kinect camera to “create the illusion that users are directly interacting with 3D graphics.” So if I understand this …

Want To Watch Your Dreams on YouTube? Scientists Take The First Step Want To Watch Your Dreams on YouTube? Scientists Take The First Step
· 4

Well this just might be the coolest thing you’ll see all month. UC Berkeley scientists have found a way to use brain activity to recreate moving images, i.e. movies. Basically, they were able to record signals in people’s brains, and …

The Robot Uprising Has Begun The Robot Uprising Has Begun
· 2

In “isn’t this depressing” news, Japanese engineers have created a new robot that is likely the prototype for the future robots that overtake and enslave the human race. Using what they call a Self Replicating Neural Network (SOINN), the robot …

President Obama Laments White House Technology President Obama Laments White House Technology
· 5

It has been reported that the city of Washington D.C. is Blackberry addicted.  Well, at least the government.  When the status of a government shutdown was looming last week, congressional staffers were freaking out at the proposition of having to …

Acer Iconia Tablet Set To Face Off Against iPad 2 Acer Iconia Tablet Set To Face Off Against iPad 2
· 5

On April 24th, the Acer Iconia Tablet (A500) is going to launch at retail stores. The release is important for a wide variety of reasons. First, it marks Acer’s Android 3.0 debut. Also, the device looks to rival the iPad …

Apple Unveils New iPad Commercial
· 7

Apple begun airing a new iPad commercial last night entitled "What is iPad?" The new ad is a slight departure from their "normal" advertising. As the name of the ad suggest, Apple asks the very simple question and proceeds to answer it in a very whimsical way…

iPad Wi-Fi Issue? Apple says: “Adjust your screen brightness”
· 11

Apple has updated a support document, which details some of the much-publicized Wi-Fi connectivity issues surrounding the iPad. In the document, Apple states “a very small number of iPad users have experienced issues with Wi-Fi connectivity” they even give out a few possible workarounds for anyone having Wi-Fi issues.

iPad Wi-Fi connectivity problems

Texas Tech Head Coach Outlaws Twitter from Team

Unless you are a college football fan (hang in there social media geeks, we’ll get to your stuff soon enough ;-) ) you probably wouldn’t even have a clue what this post is about. Honestly, unless you are a Texas Tech student or fan or resident of Lubbock, TX you may not know what a Red Raider is.

MySpace Expands Executive Roster

As part of the shakeup that ousted co-founder Chris DeWolfe and ushered in former Project Playlist and Facebook’s Owen Van Natta as the new CEO, MySpace has expanded its management team with two key hires. Michael Jones who comes from Userplane and AOL has been named Chief Operating Officer and Jason Hirschhorn joins as Chief Product Officer after a stints at Sling Media and MTV Networks.

From the press release:

Lesson Of The Day: Don’t Tweet About Hating A Job You’re Trying To Get

It’s still hard to believe that there are people today that do not realize that we live in a radically transparent world where virtually nothing is private.

One such person apparently Tweeted herself out of a nice job at Cisco with this tweet:

A Dark And Dismal January For The Tech Sector

I’m tracking the dismal news on all the various blogs. This is the worst month the tech industry has ever seen. The bad news from Microsoft, Intel, IBM is all over TechMeme and TechFuga.

2008: Let The Bubble Whispers Begin

A forecast of doom and economic gloom encompassing the tech world may be more reality than nightmare this year.

Vista Named Year’s Top Tech Disappointment
· 3

At the top of nearly every tech list you can think of, there sits Google, and we’re sure this gets to one or two of the folks at Microsoft.  They probably didn’t desire a mention in a list called "The 15 Biggest Tech Disappointments of 2007," though, and Windows Vista actually wound up being number one.

Disney May Make Many Acquisitions
· 1

How much money would it take to put a pair of mouse ears on your head?  Small Internet companies should really think that question through, as fresh reports indicate that Disney is looking to acquire a lot of startups.

Woops, Bloggers Give Nissan Too Much Credit

Did you know that Nissan has developed a new kind of paint that can change colors on command? It was news to Nissan, too.

ad:tech Keynote: State of the Industry

Topics for this keynote centered on the notion of the “new P” platforms, video advertising and random references to Gilligan’s Island and weird porn.

Ad:tech Pics – Day 1
Arriving at JFK was surprisingly un-eventful and smooth. Carry on is certainly the way to go.

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