Guy Spies On Wife's Sex Life With Under-The-Bed Transmitter

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Sometimes, a man can only take so much. And after walking in time after time on your wife and her boyfriend having sex, you have to take some steps to protect yourself.

Wait, what?

As odd as that sounds, that's the quandary that faced 66-year-old Wayne Cripe of Raccoon Township, Pennsylvania. He's being charged with misdemeanor invasion of privacy and felony attempt to intercept private communications after he allegedly planted a transmitter under his wife's bed.

If this sounds odd to you, let me explain. No, it wasn't some sort of Lucy and Ricky bed scenario where a happily married couple just had their own beds. Mr. Cripe and his wife, Suzanne, apparently had been separated for awhile but were still married and lived in the same house.

The Beaver County Times reports that Suzanna found the transmitter and immediately called the police. Since it was pretty obvious who would have a reason to place a transmitter under their estranged wife's bed, police contacted Wayne, who immediately copped to the plant.

His reasoning? He said he was simply tired of coming home to his wife and her boyfriend having sex and simply wanted to know if he was free to enter his house without having to walk in on them. Apparently, by the time the police questioned him, he had already thrown away the receiver.

Hidden pieces of technology are not new to the jealousy games. Whether is be a hidden camera to catch a philandering husband or a GPS tracker to track the whereabouts of an unfaithful wife - people have been planting the ones they (used to) love with devices for decades. But this is the first time that I've heard of a man spying on his wife and her boyfriend inside their shared home - an odd one indeed.

Some of the commenters on the Beaver Times are skeptical of the illegality of Mr. Cripe's actions. "Charging a felony for putting a transmitter in your own home is asinine, and this tacky woman has no expectation of privacy so long as she chooses to live with her husband in their family home," says one reader. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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