Aaand...Here's How You Go Out With A Japanese Virtual Pop Star

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Hatsune Miku is an incredibly popular "singing synthesizer application with a female persona," or, virtual pop star for short. The Japanese creation is voiced by a popular voice actress and actually performs concerts, live, as a projection.

So, I guess it's understandable that someone could take a particular liking to the character.

But this, my friends, is forever alone level 99. It's not 100, because there is still something pretty neat about it.

Basically, a guy has turned Miss Miku into his girlfriend - or at least made her go on a date with him. The video shows the two taking a nice stroll through the park, and finally ending with some... inappropriate touching that leads you to believe that there will be more to this date once the cameras are off.

Check it out below:

Based on the video, and a little bit of translation we can see that the "date" was made possible by an ASUS Xtion (Kinect-like device) and some modified video goggles. A bit creepy? Sure. Fascinating use of technology? Absolutely.

[via Hack A Day] [Image Credit]
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