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Here’s Another Look At Unreal Engine 4

Despite all the hype, we still have yet to really see a game take advantage of Unreal Engine 4. All we have are the few tech demos that Epic Games have made for it. As we head deeper into the next generation of consoles, however, that’s going to change as more games are built with UE4 in mind. To that …

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Unreal Engine 4 Games Are Going To Be Very Pretty If This Tech Demo Is Any Indication

Unreal Engine is pretty amazing, but it’s often utilized by teams with terrible art direction. That’s why this last generation saw so many Unreal games that looked like they were populated by plastic army men. With Unreal Engine 4, Epic has already shown how its new engine will make space marines look less like toys, but it still hasn’t made …

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These Oculus Rift Demos Just Keep Getting More Elaborate

The Oculus Rift started out as a simple concept – bring virtual reality into the 21st century. After using one myself, I can say that the team has achieved that. Now developers are trying out new ideas with the Rift that are borderline ridiculous. SkyDIEving is an Oculus Rift game all about falling to your death. Playing it while sitting …

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CryEngine 3 Displays Its Next-Gen Muscle In New Tech Demo

Epic Games made one heck of a splash with Unreal Engine 4. The next-generation engine has already proven its worth with two amazing tech demos that make the wait for the next-generation that much harder to bear. Of course, it’s easy to forget that the next generation is already here with CryEngine 3. Crysis 3, at least on the PC, …

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