CryEngine 3 Displays Its Next-Gen Muscle In New Tech Demo


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Epic Games made one heck of a splash with Unreal Engine 4. The next-generation engine has already proven its worth with two amazing tech demos that make the wait for the next-generation that much harder to bear.

Of course, it's easy to forget that the next generation is already here with CryEngine 3. Crysis 3, at least on the PC, is a technical marvel. Now one company has taken CyEngine 3 and crafted one of the prettiest tech demos you'll ever see.

From Enodo, a firm that designs "virtual realities for real life business applications," comes this real-time demo that simulates multiple environments from the African plains to a busy urban center. Check it out:

Regardless of the engine, the future of next-gen games looks bright, and very pretty. Let's just hope game designers start to use a bit more color in their games from now on though. Unreal Engine has already proven that it can do browns, but a little blue or green never hurt anyone.