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Swine Flu Epidemic Hits Australia

In 2009, the World Health Organization classified the H1N1 strain of influenza, more commonly referred to as swine flu, as a Phase 6 pandemic, the highest rating possible for such a virus. Thankfully, the pandemic only lasted slightly longer than …

U.S. In The Thick Of Flu Season

As of Friday, January 10th the flu has spread across the nation with 35 states dealing with widespread influenza as reported by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) today. Deaths have spread as well, although it isn’t uncommon for …

Flu Running Rampant; Blamed For Multiple Deaths
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The flu virus is causing widespread panic again this year, with the largest outbreak since the H1N1 “swine flu” pandemic that swept through the U.S. in 2009. Several deaths have already been reported nationwide this season, with 4 dead in …

Flu Widespread – And Expanding Like Wildfire
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The H1N1 flu started with just two states that were seeing widespread symptoms. Texas is one, and apparently the source of where this flu seems to have begun its wrath. Last week – the flu epidemic had spread to 10 …

Swine Flu (H1N1) An Epidemic In The U.S?
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The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) claim that the swine flu, known as H1N1 is spreading widely throughout the U.S. and has now extended into 10 states. This is the same flu that in 2009 was seen as a worldwide …

Google Tries To Save You From Swine Flu
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The media frenzy over swine flu may have died down a little since earlier this year; it’s no longer a top headline on every other news site, at least.  But people remain extremely concerned about it (anyone care to guess how many tons of hand sanitizer have been sold?), and Google’s trying to help out by pointing them towards flu shots.

Microsoft Introduces My Health Info
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Microsoft has introduced a new service in beta on MSN called "My Health Info" that helps people manage their health information on the Web.

My Health Info offers users a number of tools and widgets to upload, organize and monitor health information stored in their personal Microsoft HealthVault accounts. The service allows users to research medical issues, read health news, receive advice from medical experts, learn about nutrition, and monitor health conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes.

Google India Closes Office Due To Swine Flu
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The H1N1 flu virus has hit Google India, and although things aren’t as bad as they might have been, it’s having some rather significant effects: around 100 people have gone to a hospital for swine flu tests, and a Hyderabad office will remain closed for two full days.

Americans Turn To Google And Then Google For Swine Flu Info
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When sufficiently scared from TV swine flu hype*, people turned to the Internet for information, specifically Google, according to Pew Internet and American Life.

YouTube Highlights Global Leaders Response To The Swine Flu

YouTube is highlighting on its homepage today what global leaders are saying about the swine flu outbreak.

Swine Flu Fears Overrun Web

Don’t be surprised if, at the next Web 2.0-type conference, the attendees all wear surgical masks and tote gallon jugs of hand sanitizer.  New stats from both Nielsen and Hitwise indicate that fear of the swine flu has hit the online world in a big way.