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Town Swears Off Swearing: Watch Your Mouth or Pay the Fine

A town that swears off swearing sounds like a place heavily inspired by director Marco Brambilla’s deeply underrated Sylvester Stallone/Wesley Snipes sci-fi actioner “Demolition Man”. In the film, a citation is automatically issued every time a person utters an inappropriate word, which ultimately becomes a running joke due to Stallone’s inability to curb his swearing. Although it may sound like …

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London Is Great at $#!)?@$$^%* Twitter Swearing

Swearing, like 85% cacao dark chocolate and kalamata olives and people who always interrupt you, is an acquired taste. It’s enough put you off with your first experience to really write the entire notion off of the thing entirely yet, with some applied determination and the right person(s) supporting you, swearing can be elevated into an ethereal art that elevates …

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Cursing Elevates Your Pain Tolerance (But Only When Used Sparingly)

Another study has confirmed what many of us already know: A few strategically placed “f*cks” can really help alleviate the pain of that toe you just stubbed. This study comes courtesy of Richard Stevens of Keele’s School of Psychology, and has just appeared in the American Journal of Pain. The findings, as reported in that amazingly titled magazine, show that …

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