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Supermoon Saturday – See The Pics!

If you happened to look into the sky early Saturday, you probably witnessed one of the coolest natural phenomenon’s! Saturday, July 12 marked the first supermoon of the summer and was captured in hundreds of photographs across the globe. So, what is a “supermoon?” According to the Weather Channel, a supermoon occurs when a new or full moon coincides with …

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Supermoon 2013: The Best Pics From Social Media

There’s nothing quite like a celestial event to get the internet excited. Over the weekend, the full moon appeared slightly larger in the night sky, a phenomenon dubbed a “supermoon.” NASA this past weekend released a video explaining just what makes this particular full moon special. It turns out that the supermoon actually is larger than a normal full moon, …

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The ‘Supermoon’ Explained by NASA

This weekend’s full moon sparked curiosity and plenty of social media speculation. The “supermoon,” as it’s dubbed, appeared as a larger full moon, pleasing amateur astronomers and photographers alike. Though there are plenty of photos of the moon to be found on the internet today, a clear explanation for why the moon appeared as it did is rather harder to …

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