Supermoon 2013: The Best Pics From Social Media

Social Media

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There's nothing quite like a celestial event to get the internet excited. Over the weekend, the full moon appeared slightly larger in the night sky, a phenomenon dubbed a "supermoon."

NASA this past weekend released a video explaining just what makes this particular full moon special. It turns out that the supermoon actually is larger than a normal full moon, though only by about 12%. A supermoon appears when a full moon occurs as the moon approaches its perigee - the point in its orbit where it is closest to Earth.

Now that you know what it is (and isn't - it doesn't portend some astrologically-related apocalypse), take a look at some of the best supermoon photos that have been posted to the social web. With the ubiquitousness of cameras, the internet now has a record of the 2013 supermoon from seemingly every angle on the planet:

Kel Murphy Photography

I was silently cursing the cloud-cover last night when kiddo and I (plus the dog!) went out looking - but I kinda like this! I'll have to share one of his favorites later. đŸ™‚ #supermoon #philadelphia #philadelphiaphotographer #kelmurphyphotography

Sean Parker Photography

"Supermoon 2013" June 22/23rd featured a full moon, but it looked more impressive than any full moons seen so far this year. The moon was at its lunar perigee, the closest it will get to Earth until November 2014. Sean Parker Photography - | - Photo Details: Shot through a 14" LX Meade 200 Canon 5D MK II 8 photo panoramic stitched and processed in Photoshop cs6" #supermoon #supermoon2013 #HPsupermoon #lunar #luna #fullmoon #perigee #moon

(Image courtesy NASA/Bill Ingalls)