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Penelope Cruz Tackles Super Mario Brothers Role

Penelope Cruz is a dark-eyed beauty, an exotic actress who seems to epitomize grace and charisma. So when rumors started flying that she was going to team up with Nintendo for a commercial about New Super Mario Brothers 2 for the handheld 3DS, most people thought it was a joke. Not so, gamers, not so. Cruz and her sister Monica …

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Super Mario Brothers In Stop-Motion Animation

Stop-motion animation has always fascinated me, mostly because of the extreme amount of patience it takes to pull off. If you’ve ever watched the behind-the-scenes of a stop-motion film, you’ll know what I mean. Each movement a character makes is done by hand, and the animator has to figure out what the movements are ahead of time, mapping out how …

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What Happens When Bo Jackson Invades Super Mario?

What happens when you take one of the most powerful video game characters, maybe ever–yes, even more powerful than Doomguy when he’s in God Mode–and drop him into a land frequented by lovable Italian plumbers, princesses, poison mushrooms, and oversized turtles with spikes on their backs? If you’re familiar with the Tecmo Bowl version of Bo Jackson, you probably won’t …

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