What Happens When Bo Jackson Invades Super Mario?


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What happens when you take one of the most powerful video game characters, maybe ever--yes, even more powerful than Doomguy when he's in God Mode--and drop him into a land frequented by lovable Italian plumbers, princesses, poison mushrooms, and oversized turtles with spikes on their backs?

If you're familiar with the Tecmo Bowl version of Bo Jackson, you probably won't be surprised by the outcome. If you're not, however, allow the following video to educate you:

While that may be the best rushing touchdown ever scored in the history of video game football--don't even try to argue this point, folks--would the outcome be the same kind of domination if you dropped Bo into Mario's world? Yes, actually, it would. Thanks to Kissing Suzy Kolber's find, we now have proof:

This incredibly accurate recreation was uploaded by the folks over at Pixel Rampage. It should be noted that they just completed a successful Kickstarter project for their Gridiron Heroes project, which, aside from looking like an updated Tecmo Bowl, complete with smoother pixels, looks to capitalize on the social media craze that's sweeping the globe. From their Kickstarter description:

We developed Gridiron Heroes to address a void in today's social gaming scene. There's been nothing for the American football fan. Gridiron Heroes will change that, utilizing Facebook as the platform for the ultimate head-to-head competition in American Football GM-style Simulation.

The game promises to a lot more intricate than one might expect, as well:

It's not just the team itself you're managing; you also have to pay careful attention to your team's arena and infrastructure, including the stadium itself, the training facilities, and so on, as these factors can impact each game you play. For example, a larger stadium can hold more fans, which gives your players a morale boost and earns you more ticket money.

Congratulations are in order for their successful Kickstarter project. That being said, it would be awesome to see Bo run through the entire Super Mario game. Yes, it would be more of the same stuff that was featured in the embedded Bo/Mario video, but still, it would be something worth watching.