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Sugary Drinks May Be Taxed In San Francisco

(image) San Francisco voters are being asked to impose a tax on sugary beverages. The proposal holds that drinks will be charged 2 cents for every ounce. The ballot will need two-thirds support from voters in order to pass. Thanks to the obesity epidemic there has been no shortage of proposals geared toward taxing unhealthy food items. In recent times …

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AMA: Obesity is a Disease, Remove Sugary Drinks From SNAP

The American Medical Association (AMA) this week held its annual meeting in Chicago, Illinois. The doctors attending the meeting have a large influence on the strategies medical professionals across the U.S. use to combat illnesses. Of the many topics taken up at the meeting, one simple change in wording could have a greater effect on Americans than any other topic. …

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New Pepsi Bottle Design Announced

Over the years, both Coke and Pepsi have gone through so many packaging redesigns that a new design (not to mention a new version of soda) is almost expected every 18 months. However, the shape of the bottles don’t change quite as often. This week, Pepsi announced its latest packaging redesign for its 20-ounce Pepsi bottles. According to an Associated …

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Obesity and Coca-Cola Do Not Go Hand in Hand, CEO Claims

Obesity in adults and children has been linked to a number of foods and beverages over the years. According to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, sugary drinks such as Coca-Cola are to blame, as well. So concerned is he about the expanding waistline of his citizens that Bloomberg is attempting to impose a ban on these 16-ounce liquid calorie …

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