Sugary Drinks May Be Taxed In San Francisco

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San Francisco voters are being asked to impose a tax on sugary beverages. The proposal holds that drinks will be charged 2 cents for every ounce. The ballot will need two-thirds support from voters in order to pass.

Thanks to the obesity epidemic there has been no shortage of proposals geared toward taxing unhealthy food items. In recent times there have been many miserably-failing proposals for taxing sugary drinks as well as proposals that would tax the businesses that sell sugary drinks.

While sugar guzzlers may be shaking in their boots at the possible enforcement of the drink tax, the proposal has many hoops through with to jump before it becomes enacted.

In the opponents’ corner, a spokesman from the American Beverage Society expressed his doubts that imposing such taxes on the drink industry would not necessarily better the health of the population:

“Californians have rejected beverages taxes like the one San Francisco Supervisor Scott Wiener proposes because such measures are unnecessary, wasteful distractions from serious policy-making,” said Chuck Finnie. “Providing people with education, opportunities for physical activity, and diverse beverage choices to fit their lifestyles are proven strategies for maintaining health.”

Supervisor Scott Wiener explained the goals behind the tax proposal. The intended result of the added tax is to reduce the consumption of sugary drinks, but also the proceeds from the tax increase would be used for physical education and health. According to Wiener, the tax should generate around 30 million dollars.

Despite the tough opposition, Wiener is intent on getting the proposal through.

“We know that this will be a long road. This type of proposal has occurred in other cities as the beverage industry always comes out full guns blaring, so we’re going to need to pull together to make sure that this wins,” stated Wiener.

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Other source: Yahoo News

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