‘XCOM: Enemy Within’ Gameplay Revealed in New Video

‘XCOM: Enemy Within’ Gameplay Revealed in New Video

By Sean Patterson September 4, 2013

Earlier this week, 2K Games and developer Firaxis further teased XCOM: Enemy Within, the first expansion for the popular turn-based strategy game XCOM: Enemy Unknown. The contend features new enemies, new weapons, and, above all, new upgrades for soldiers. The …

Company of Heroes 2 Gameplay Teaser Revealed Company of Heroes 2 Gameplay Teaser Revealed

[UPDATE] The actual gameplay trailer has now been released. Watch it here. Last we heard of Company of Heroes 2, the game had been delayed from the placeholder February 2013 release date to sometime in March 2013. A small setback, …

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Demo Out on Steam XCOM: Enemy Unknown Demo Out on Steam

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2K Games announced today that a free demo for XCOM: Enemy Unknown is now available on Steam. PC gamers can now try out the hybrid strategy/tactical game that pits players against an unknown alien threat. The demo includes two levels …

Company of Heroes 2 Officially Announced Company of Heroes 2 Officially Announced

THQ, the video game publisher behind titles such as the Saint’s Row and UFC Undisputed series’, officially announced today that a sequel to Company of Heroes is forthcoming. Company of Heroes 2 will be released for PC in early 2013. …

Blogging From The Heart Is Telling Personal, Inspiring Stories To Your Readers Blogging From The Heart Is Telling Personal, Inspiring Stories To Your Readers
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Running a successful blog, especially if you want that blog to be a business, requires a combination of strategies. It’s not just about marketing, branding, and SEO – but also about blogging from the heart. That’s the advice from ProBlogger …

What We Can Learn From International Beer Advertising

It is hard not to enjoy beer marketing. Even if you are not a marketer, this industry always offers creative advertising (particularly on TV) that is fun to watch and spends lots of money doing it. Every year at the Super Bowl, a good number of the Top 10 ads come from beer companies. In other venues beyond sports, beer advertising often promises good times, great parties and generally being able to escape from your daily life into a world of fun, travel and festivities.

Search Marketing: Transform your Channel Strategy

As technology advances and the demands of customers fragment, the task of empowering resellers and distributors with effective and relevant marketing tools becomes more daunting than ever before. To solve these challenges, a handful of forward-looking companies are experimenting with emerging technologies and particularly Search‹to empower their channel partners in an attempt to make them more flexible and responsive to the changing market.

The Channel Challenge

Ask.com still a search engine

Changes to Ask.com to pursue its strongest demographic won’t take away its ability to handle a keyword search.

New York Times Outlines Survival Strategy

Most people are looking for newspapers to either hold on or die – online growth often doesn’t appear to allow for any other options.  But The New York Times Co. actually believes its revenues increased by a small amount in November, and has a positive outlook after that, as well.

Gmail Going Social Already?

Am I crazy or did Gmail drink the Kool Aid really, really quickly? I have never seen this in my gmail account before.

Basic Keyword Strategy & Tips

Keyword Research Tips

Yang Shares Some Yahoo Strategy

After an earnings announcement that beat Wall Street expectations, Yahoo CEO and co-founder Jerry Yang revealed a little more of what he thinks the company needs to do.

AOL’s Firing Strategy The Subject Of Ridicule

You may not have much use for AOL as a corporation, but its employees, as people, probably deserve some applause – they’re handling a huge round of layoffs quite well.

SEM Strategy: Don’t Look Like a Duck?

Eric Enge’s extensive discussion of hidden text and its dangers illustrates a key issue for anyone working on a search marketing strategy. (Hat tip seroundtable.com)

There’s No Such Thing as Half way Optimal

Just a quick rant for those who would rather debate than execute and implement.

Tuesday? New Technorati Strategy

As you can read in a number of different places this morning, Technorati — the ailing blog-search engine that recently lost its CEO, Dave Sifry — has come out with a new offering known as Technorati Topics, which appears to be a scrolling list of blogosphere posts chosen by the team at Technorati, based on a bunch of criteria that we aren’t really told a lot about.

Forrester Hires Leading Web Strategy Blogger

Forrester Research have just added another strong player to their social media practice with the hiring of notable web strategist blogger Jeremiah Owyang.