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Facebook ‘Dislike’ Button Now A Reality (Kind Of)

Facebook users have long begged for a dislike button, because honestly, there’s a whole lot of content to dislike in the News Feed. Facebook has always resisted, however, opting not to spread negativity throughout the world’s largest social network. Well, they’re letting in a little bit of negativity now. No, they haven’t given users a proper like button, but they’ve …

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Beast, Zuck’s Dog, Gets His Own Stickers in Facebook Chat

Mark Zuckerberg’s Puli (a type of Hungarian Sheepdog) has to be one of the most popular dogs in the world – at least one of the most “liked.” Back in 2011, Beast Zuckerberg got his own Facebook page (in clear violation of Facebook terms, hrmph). And since then, he’s racked up over 1.5 million likes. Every now and then Beast …

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LEGO Apologizes For Construction Worker Sticker

Last week, journalist Josh Stearns blogged about some LEGO stickers he recently saw while looking for a present for his son. Stearns stated that he was “stunned” when he realized one of the stickers in a construction worker sticker pack had a worker in sunglasses saying, “Hey babe!” He took it as a form of street harassment toward women and …

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GetGlue Integrates March Madness, Television Check-Ins

If you’re not in tune with the social media aspect of the Internet, you must be an Internet noob, or someone who consciously ignores the omnipresent set of activities, including things like tweeting, sharing and checking in. While the third activity is not on the adoption level as Facebook and Twitter, it’s impossible to ignore the popularity of utilities like …

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Stuckup Stickers iPhone App Allows Users To Tag, Share Info On Sticker Art

Whether you’re just a curious admirer of the street stickers you’ve seen stuck to signs or telephone poles in your city or if you are an artist who wants to keep up with your wares, having an iPhone could now be a helpful accessory to your interest. A new app called StuckUp Stickers from the sticker art group Stuck-Up Piece …

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