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Dishonored DLC “Dunwall City Trials” Announced

Bethesda today announced Dishonored: Dunwall City Trials, the first DLC for its well-reviewed supernatural stealth assassin adventure game Dishonored. Dunwall City Trials will be released sometime in December and will feature 10 challenge maps that, according to Bethesda, will test players’ combat, stealth, and mobility skills. The maps will include “a gravity-defying run of drop assassinations” and an arena in …

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New Dishonored Trailer Shows off the Game’s Stealth System

Bethesda showed off a gameplay trailer for Dishonored at E3 that highlighted two very disparate ways to play the game: stealthy or psycho. Since then, the game’s developers have released a steady stream of trailers and screenshots that reveal details about the game and its setting, the dystopian steampunk city of Dunwall. Today, Bethesda returned to the concept of how …

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F-22 Raptor’s Problems May Be Due To Stealth Glue

The Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor is the pinnacle of airborne technology right now. The plane can fly higher, go faster, use less fuel, and be more invisible than nearly every other plane thats out there. How dominate is the F-22 you ask? In 2009 they had a war game where they pitted F-22 pilots against the best the Navy and …

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Washington D.C. Buzzing Over UFO Reports

The residents of Washington D.C. started blowing up Twitter last night over what they thought was a UFO being hauled by an 18 wheeler. Turns out he people were freaking out on Twitter over nothing. What they actually saw was Northrop Grumman’s X-47B drone. The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) has a very similar look, but on a much smaller scale, …

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Thief 4 Trailer Leaked Online

Fans of the Thief series of video games have been waiting for another Thief game for longer than we’ve all been waiting for Half Life 3, if you don’t count the episodes. In the past eight years, gamers have seen stealth gameplay incorporated into lots of games, but it hasn’t been the focus of many. The Assassin’s Creed franchise perhaps …

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US Navy To Rely On Stealth Ships Vs China

AT $3 billion per ship, the DDG-1000 destroyer has the ability to turn the tide in the coming years in the South Pacific. The stealth ship of the Zumwalt class feature a wave-piercing hull that leaves almost no wake, electric drive propulsion and advanced sonar and missiles. They are longer and heavier than existing destroyers but will require half the …

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