Facebook Tests Action-Based Statuses with Emoticons for ‘Feeling,’ ‘Drinking,’ ‘Watching,’ and More

Facebook Tests Action-Based Statuses with Emoticons for ‘Feeling,’ ‘Drinking,’ ‘Watching,’ and More

By Josh Wolford January 31, 2013 | 3 Comments

Facebook is testing a new layer to the status update that allows users to express what they’re doing with an emoticon or icon. The small test (only showing up for a minuscule percentage of users) adds a “What are you …

Twitter Search and Timelines Are Having Issues Twitter Search and Timelines Are Having Issues

UPDATE: As of 3:45 EST, things seem to be back to normal. ORIGINAL ARTICLE: You might have noticed that Twitter is acting a little strange lately, and Twitter has just acknowledged the problem on their official Twitter Status blog: Some …

Like My Status or I Will Punch You in the Face Like My Status or I Will Punch You in the Face

Sometimes, liking a particular status on Facebook can get you into trouble. For instance, let’s say your friend posts that she is having the worst day of her life. It might seem as though “liking” that status is kind of …

Facebook Has Mapped Status Updates Relating To Disaster In Japan
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The Global Disaster Relief is an initiative started by Facebook to help raise awareness of natural disasters taking place across the globe. The page was started as a response to the earthquake which devastated Haiti. It’s safe to say the …

MySpace Introduces Twitter Sync
MySpace began rolling out new functionality today that allows users to sync their MySpace status updates with a Twitter feed.  Any U.S.

Facebook To Tweak Status Updates

Compared to anything you’ll see coming from the BBC or CNN, this is admittedly a pretty minor piece of news.  Yet it’s nonetheless nice to hear that Facebook plans to drop the word “is” from its users’ status updates.

Blogger Breaks Down, Bounces Back

Google’s Blogger is an incredibly popular publishing system, and for about an hour Wednesday morning, it took a break from all its fans.  Just a breather, you know.  Or, in what seems a more likely explanation, Blogger broke.

Google Losing Fight For Its Name

The search advertising company has been fighting against the usage of its name as a verb ever since Merriam-Webster put ‘google’ in the dictionary. It’s a battle they are not going to win.

Blogcatalog vs Technorati?

As most of my readers are no doubt aware, I am a strong supporter of sharing the link love, but I always advocate sharing it in a focused manner, preferably from relevant content or from comments and trackbacks. If you trackback/pingback this blog you receive a reciprocal link between highly relevant content automatically, and not only Google and other major search engines count the links as relevant, but also blogging search engines such as Technorati, though with Technorati it is best to do it on a more recent post.

If you want to share the love from your blog, I compiled an extensive list of "dofollow" and "nofollow" resources covering major platforms such as Wordpress (on your own domain), blogger and Drupal. It is also possible on Typepad, and Dawud Miracle and Karen have been discussing ways to present the complicated procedure to remove nofollow on Typepad. Hopefully I will be able to link to a solution soon.

Editorial Status Keeps Yahoo Search Ads Real

Yahoo’s Search Marketing folks compare the review of ad campaigns posted to their service with the process of giving a Presidential candidate an editorial endorsement.

Google Advising Sites Of Badware Status

Sites that get flagged as possibly hazardous destinations in Google’s search results will receive notifications from Google about the problem.

Adwords Editor Version 3

Google have now released Adwords Editor version 3. I am a little suprised the Inside Adwords blog does not accounce these new releases straight away so everyone can update.

So whats new with version 3?

Cutts: PageRank Zero Problem Fixed

Reach for your copy of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and press the DON’T PANIC! button; the problem with some sites seeing a zero PageRank after Google’s latest update should be corrected by now.

Cutts Releases Infrastructure Status Report

Matt Cutts has given the infrastructure report of the current month. The quarterly PageRank export is on its way.

Size Of Friends List A Status Symbol For Teens
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The Breakfast Club is a lot different these days. A leather jacket, a sports car, the right girlfriend may all still be factors (but I wouldn’t know, I’m 30) for weighing teen social status, but so is the number of people on your friends list.

Microsoft Revokes MVP Status For AdWare Bundling

Cyril Paciullo, known as Patchou, lost his Most Valuable Professional standing from Microsoft after complaints that his popular program, Windows Live Messenger Plus, contained AdWare.

Google Fears Investment Fund Status

An obscure little fun fact about Google has been making the rounds; last month, Google filed paperwork with the Securities and Exchange Commission requesting that it not be treated like a mutual fund.