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Disney Shuts Down LucasArts, Cancels All Current Projects

LucasArts, the game publisher and developer subsidiary of LucasFilm, was shut down today by its new overlords at Disney. The brand will remain as the company will look to licensing its crop of franchises out to other developers, but the development staff has been let go. Projects currently being worked on at the studio, like Star Wars 1313, have also …

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Gamescom 2012: Star Wars 1313 Still Looks Amazing

After the disappointing Force Unleashed II, a new Star Wars game wasn’t high on anybody’s anticipation meter. That all changed at E3 when LucasArts gave us our first look at Star Wars 1313. It’s a new game starring not the usual Jedi characters, but a regular bounty hunter on the planet/city of Coruscant. It’s been a few months since E3 …

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Microsoft Believes the Xbox 360 Still Has Two Years Left to Live

Although a lot of people are speculating that Microsoft will drop a brand new console by the end of next year, it would seem that the company feels their ol’ girl still has some life left in her yet. Microsoft Studios head Phil Spencer told Gamespot that, thanks to SmartGlass technology and a recent Nike partnership, the system will still …

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Star Wars 1313 Gameplay Shown at E3

When Star Wars 1313 was announced last week, the excitement and discussion was mostly based on speculation. This week, in the midst of all the E3 festivities, GameTrailers and Spike TV were able to get hold of some gameplay footage from the demo that debuted this week at E3. Dominic Robilliard, the creative director at Lucas arts, was on-hand to …

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Star Wars 1313: New 3rd Person Game Revealed

Star Wars 1313 has had rumors slung its way for a while now, as every Lucasarts fan has been awaiting its arrival amid tales of a Mature rating and a player-controlled Boba Fett. And while Star Wars based games haven’t always fared well in the interactive department, first looks at the latest in the series is building anticipation for something …

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Star Wars 1313 Video Game Announced

E3 is beginning next week and already some big game announcements are being made. Game companies are releasing collector edition pre-orders and bawdy trailers at hyperspeed. Speaking of hyperspeed, LucasArts made what could be the biggest pre-E3 announcement yet. The company has officially announced Star Wars 1313, a new Star Wars video game franchise that will officially debut at E3 …

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