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Brown Recluse Infestation Leads to Lawsuits, Foreclosure

Imagine moving into a new home and having a spider problem. It’s a pest problem that many new homeowners have probably had to deal with. Now imagine that the spiders are some of the most dangerous in the U.S., and that no amount of pest control can rid the house of them. It’s a story that seems to be taken …

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Elephants Run Rampant in St. Louis

During a Shriners Circus show Saturday at a multipurpose arena near St. Louis, Missouri, three elephants were spooked by a loud noise, and took off into the parking lot. The three female pachyderms escaped their handlers during the “ride-an-elephant” segment of the Moolah Shrine event at the Family Arena in St. Charles, though no one was on top of any …

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Elephants Escape Circus, Damage Cars

How many circus clowns does it take to capture three elephants in a parking lot? Not sure, but they needed quite a few to corral three elephants that managed to escape their enclosure Saturday at the Moolah Shrine Circus in St. Louis. The pachyderms apparently found their freedom when loud noises from circus goers spooked the elephants, and they fled. …

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Cardinals’ Plane Delayed at Airport Terminal

Today has not been the best for the St. Louis Cardinals. Instead of traveling problem-free to Boston for Game 6 of the World Series, the players spent extra hours at an airport delaying their arrival into the Boston area. In fact, several hours were spent aboard the plane while the team members were forced to wait for mechanical problems to …

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St. Louis Teams Lose Twice In One Night

The St. Louis Rams have had a tough season so far. First, they loss their franchise quarterback, Sam Bradford, who was loss for the season with a torn ACL last Sunday against the Carolina Panthers. Next, desperate for help at the quarterback position, they reportedly called retired and 44 year old Brett Favre to come play for them. Favre said …

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St. Louis Shooting: Four Dead, Including Gunman

A St. Louis shooting this afternoon left four people dead in an a murder-suicide at a health care business on St. Louis’s Cherokee Street. Two women and two men – one of whom was the gunman – were killed. Based on surveillance footage from the scene, it appears to have resulted from an argument that took place inside the business …

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