HGST and NEC Launch PCIe SSD Appliance for Microsoft SQL Server

HGST and NEC Launch PCIe SSD Appliance for Microsoft SQL Server

By WebProNews Staff August 15, 2014

Western Digital’s HGST and NEC announced a PCIe SSD Appliance for Microsoft SQL Server built on NEC Express 5800 and HGST FlashMAX II PCIe server-mounted flash storage. The appliance is aimed at boosting performance and reducing total cost of ownership …

Idera Launches Three New SQL Server Tools Idera Launches Three New SQL Server Tools
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Idera announced the availability of three new free tools for SQL Server DBAs and IT administrators: Server Backup Free, SQL Backup Status Reporter and SQL Permissions Extractor Free. Idera CEO Rick Pleczko says, “Idera has made a commitment to providing …

Google Makes Some Improvements To Cloud SQL Google Makes Some Improvements To Cloud SQL

Google announced some updates to Google Cloud SQL, which will enable users to work with bigger and faster MySQL databases. Google has increased the amount of available storage to 100GB, which is ten times more than before. They’ve also increased …

Windows Azure SQL Database Gets New Features Windows Azure SQL Database Gets New Features

Microsoft has been very aggressive over the past year with its Windows Azure service. The cloud computing platform has been positioned as a worthy competitor to Google’s App Engine service, and Microsoft continually provides new updates to it. The latest …

Bing Maps Lessons Brought To You By Bing Bing Maps Lessons Brought To You By Bing

Google and Bing do things differently. I think we all understand that by now. Their differences apparently extend to how they teach. Google teaches people through their weekly Office Hours Hangouts which gives developers to talk to the people behind …

Amazon's RDS Now Supports ASP.NET Amazon's RDS Now Supports ASP.NET

Online retail giant Amazon just announced a new update which allows users to run Microsoft’s database and web programming platform ASP.NET, on its Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS). Amazon reveals that users can now use Microsoft tools they are accustomed …

Programming Is The Coolest Thing Ever Programming Is The Coolest Thing Ever

I think that we all can agree that programming is awesome. It brings us everything from computer applications to video games. Anybody who claims that programming is not the bee’s knees has obviously never seen a computer beat people in …

Yahoo Adds Capabilities to YQL

Last year, Yahoo debuted its YQL language, which lets users query, filter, and join data across web data sources or services on the web. YQL or Yahoo Query Language is based on a SQL-like language, and it helps apps run faster with fewer lines of code.

Today, Yahoo announced a new feature for YQL, and that is the Insert/Update/Delete feature. A spokesperson for Yahoo tells WebProNews this extends the platform by adding “write" capability to its capabilities, including YQL Open Data Tables and Execute."

Convert a MySQL Injection Script for Use in Microsoft SQL Server

MySQL Server is the most widely used database management system in the world, primarily because it is open source and free.

SQL Server Triggers
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Triggers are stored procedures which are fired when data is modified in an underlying table.

SQL Server 2000 Data Types

SQL Server requires that each variable and column in a table should be defined with respect to the type of data it will store.

Web App Vulnerabilities Over Buffer Overflows

This should be an eye opener to many. In September Mitre reported that web application vulnerabilities are claiming the top three spots on their CVE request list, beating out Buffer Overflows.

Open Source SQL Full Text Search Engine – Sphinx

I came across Sphinx via the MySQL Performance Blog (which has some good entries you might want to check out). It is an Open Source Full Text SQL Search Engine.

CLR vs T-SQL and Stored Procedures in SQL Server 2005

CLR or TSQL? That is the question.

Practice Makes Perfect For SQL

MySQL guru Sheeri Kritzer listed eight SQL best practices for database professionals who are hard at work on their projects.

MySQL Turbo Manager and Dream Coder

The success and the longevity of any prominent business nowadays depend on powerful application infrastructures and effective, reliable management and development solutions.

SQL Replication

Database management systems are very important for business today. Whether your application has a network access to all employees in your organization or whether it’s a web application.