HGST and NEC Launch PCIe SSD Appliance for Microsoft SQL Server

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Western Digital's HGST and NEC announced a PCIe SSD Appliance for Microsoft SQL Server built on NEC Express 5800 and HGST FlashMAX II PCIe server-mounted flash storage.

The appliance is aimed at boosting performance and reducing total cost of ownership by cutting rack space and power requirements. It offers twice the computer power of the previous generation 4CPU platform in one 4U server. According to the companies, it reduces rack space requirements by 69% and power consumption by 27%.

“HGST is pleased to work with NEC to provide customers with this validated reference architecture and solution that has proven performance,” said Mike Gustafson, senior vice president and general manager, HGST Flash Platforms Group. “With the need for high-performance being a driving force in data center operations, the FlashMAX II was built from the ground up to provide unconditional and consistent levels of IOPS across a broad range of applications and workloads at all capacity utilization levels.”

“NEC is excited about this announcement of the reference architecture combining our Scalable Enterprise Server and HGST FlashMax technology, providing secure and scalable capacity with unmatched performance,” said Tomoyasu Nishimura, general manager of NEC IT Platform Division. “We have a proven track record with HGST FlashMAX II technology, and we look forward to bringing this appliance as well as others to the market with a superior value proposition.”

HGST’s FlashMAX II provides 8.8TB of flash per server, and doubles that of logical scan rates to 8.2GBps.

The companies say, "With features once only found on mainframe or UNIX servers, this new appliance delivers significant and predicable performance, as well as scalability, to keep pace with the changing demands of today’s enterprise data center operations."

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