Programming Languages Are Constantly Evolving

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I think that we all can agree that programming is awesome. It brings us everything from computer applications to video games. Anybody who claims that programming is not the bee’s knees has obviously never seen a computer beat people in Jeopardy.

This awesome infographic from Silicon Angle shows the how far we have come from the first programming language to where we are now.

Before we ever reached the intellectual machines beating men at Jeopardy, programming had simple roots. It began in 1954 with Fortran, a programming language created by IBM that was used for computational mathematics.

Things got even more awesome with the creation of BASIC in 1964 and SQL in 1975. I personally owe a lot to C++ which emerged in 1983. If not for that particular programming language, games on the Nintendo Entertainment System might not have been as awesome.

1995 saw the rise of Java and Javascript which are used to this day from open source applications to custom versions of it powering your smartphones.

What is going to come next? Nobody knows, but I’m sure we’ll one day invent programming that allows machines to write programming for us. The dawn of robot supremacy will be caused by our awesome programming skills.

What do you think the next big break in programming will be? Let us know in the comments.

The Evolution of Programming [Infographic]
Via: ServicesANGLE