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YouTube’s New Ad Model: Channel Sponsorships

YouTube is rolling out a new ad model option for 96 YouTube Channels. Rather than selling television style ads to certain demographics, they will now sell full sponsorship for certain YouTube channels. The ads include display, overlay and pre-roll; so basically they will cover the entire page with an ad preceding the video. The annual price tag for sponsorship is …

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Major “Celebrity Apprentice” Sponsor Pulls Out Over Trump Sons Hunting Scandal

Donald Trump’s sons are causing him quite a bit of trouble this week with something that happened a year ago. While on a trip to Africa with the company Hunting Legends, the younger Trumps–Donald Jr. and Eric–posed for numerous photos beside animals they had killed, which included an elephant, crocodile, kudu, civet cat and waterbuck. When the photos were released …

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Charlie Sheen Wins at Twitter

Say what you will about the current, slightly mystifying Charlie Sheen fad, but one thing’s for sure: With all that talk of winning, Sheen’s certainly doing it with Twitter. Not only did Sheen break one of Twitter’s follower records by gaining a million followers in one 24-hour period (plus one hour, making it 25 and change), he’s also going make …

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