Charlie Sheen Wins at Twitter

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Charlie Sheen Wins Twitter
Say what you will about the current, slightly mystifying Charlie Sheen fad, but one thing's for sure: With all that talk of winning, Sheen's certainly doing it with Twitter.

Not only did Sheen break one of Twitter's follower records by gaining a million followers in one 24-hour period (plus one hour, making it 25 and change), he's also going make stacks of cash from his 140-word gems of wisdom. As indicated, Charlie Sheen is indeed winning and it looks like joining Twitter, allowing the sycophantic crowd to gather around him, might be his best move yet -- "F-18, bro" rants aside.

According to an AdRants post, Sheen has signed a sponsored tweets deal with, a company that specializes in garnering celebrity endorsements in social media. The going rate for Sheen Twitter madness? 1 million dollars a year.

Clearly, it pays to be out of control, especially when you are a superstar. One wonders, however, why someone like Lindsay Lohan wasn't as social media savvy as Sheen so obviously is? Probably because she joined Twitter before she went on her highly-publicized wild streak. The lesson for the celebrity portion of society is obvious: If you're going to freak the hell out all over the place, make sure you join Twitter after the fact, and not before.

Charlie Sheen would refer to that as the "winning strategy," and if you need further proof, just look at the millions -- in both followers and money -- he's already racked up since joining Twitter on March 1st.

Update: Sheen also announced plans for his upcoming book, Apocalypse Me on Twitter. He also defined what the title meant, and it's about what you'd expect.

"Warlock Latin for WINNING."

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