Jacqueline Bisset’s Awkward Acceptance Speech

Jacqueline Bisset’s Awkward Acceptance Speech

By Lindsay McCane January 13, 2014

Jacqueline Bisset just couldn’t get it together and find the right words to express her gratitude when she took the stage to accept the award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Series, Mini-Series, or …

Guy Fakes Mexican Accent for an Entire Semester Guy Fakes Mexican Accent for an Entire Semester


I think I took Speech 101 back in college. You probably did too. It’s the kind of class that’s required by many majors at most universities – the kind of class that you probably bemoan waking up for every morning, …

Steve Jobs Predicted The Future In 1983 Steve Jobs Predicted The Future In 1983

Love him or hate him – Steve Jobs had a profound impact on the tech world. Under his leadership, Apple became the largest tech company in the world. As we approach the one year anniversary of his death, people are …

Julian Assange Defends Whistleblowers In Speech Julian Assange Defends Whistleblowers In Speech

It’s official – Julian Assange has been granted asylum by the South American country of Ecuador. Unfortunately for Assange, it’s looks like the U.K. government isn’t going to let him go. He’s been locked up inside the Ecuadorian embassy for …

Baby Robot Learns Its First Words Baby Robot Learns Its First Words

At team of scientists lead by the Caroline Lyon at the University of Hertfordshire, UK have developed a “baby robot” that learns human speech in much the same way a human child learns. The robot converses with a human teacher …

Once Deaf, Bird Brains Can’t Keep a Tune Once Deaf, Bird Brains Can’t Keep a Tune


Duke University Medical Center has released a new finding that pertains to songbirds and may have implications for other creatures including humans. It’s a known fact that neural pathways that are constantly activated will strengthen over time, but the inverse …

Censored Twitter? No Worries, There’s A Workaround Censored Twitter? No Worries, There’s A Workaround

Are you worried about Twitter’s news that they are going to begin censoring tweets in certain countries? Worry not as there is an easy workaround. Twitter posted a handy FAQ about their new “country withheld content” guidelines. In it, it …

Sega Introduces Toylet: The Urinal Video Game Sega Introduces Toylet: The Urinal Video Game

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Nintendo gave us the Wii and now Sega has brought us the Pii. Yes, that means about what you think it means: there is a video game that uses your pee. Urine. Number one. And if you’re a male in …

China Pleads Innocence For YouTube Outage

Remember all the discussion of China and its approach to the Internet that was heard around the Beijing youtube-logoOlympics? It seems that a lot of that type of coverage has slid into the background until recently. Apparently once Google gets involved these items become news again.

SES Round-up
Jolina and Mike had a great time at the Search Engine Strategies conference in Chicago. Not only is it the windy city, but a festive, cold and snowy one too by the sounds of it.

AP Is Dead … Killed By Blogs & Aggregation
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Old media is epitomized by no news source more than the Associated Press. Literally thousands of journalists are employed around the world to bring current event coverage to readers of thousands of newspapers and their online sites.

Did Barack Dodge the Net Neutrality Question?

Senator and Presidential candidate Barack Obama (D-IL) was expected to field a question about Network Neutrality today during a live video stream via MTV and MySpace from Coe College, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Doing so, according to supporters would bring the issue to the campaign table officially. If they were waiting for it, they were disappointed.

Facebook Islam Row Highlights Free Speech Issues
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Historically, in the brick-and-mortar world, we’ve had courts to settle disputes. Online, there are terms of service agreements and invisible judges determining, usually at the behest of the loudest and largest mob, who is guilty of crossing the line between conscious protest and hate speech.

Is The FCC Blocking Wireless Competition?

With the nationwide expansion of fiber-optic wiring and digital delivery at the turn of the century, the federal government reclaimed and is still reclaiming large amounts of spectrum. Much of it, according to a former government official, has remained unused for seven years, and he blames the Federal Communications Commission for stifling competition in the wireless space.

Bloggers Resolve Dispute On CNN
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Before their appearance on CNN this morning, bloggers Kathy Sierra and Chris Locke issued a joint statement responding to issues raised throughout the blogosphere following Sierra’s revelation of death threats against her, as well as the depiction of her image in misogynistic sexual photos.

Microsoft, AT&T In Supreme Patent Spat

AT&T has won a lower court decision against Microsoft and its use of AT&T patented technology in exported products, but Microsoft has a shot at getting that overturned with its appeal to the US Supreme Court.

The Influence of Unix on NT

For several years now I’ve been looking for something Bill Gates said. Unfortunately I had misremembered the actual words, and every time I found someone who thought they remembered it, they had the wrong words too and I’d come up dry yet again.