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Tree Maps of Disk Space

GrandPerspective and Disk Inventory X are two free Mac OS X apps that give graphical views of where your disk space is being used.

mount –bind

Most Linux and Unix file systems don’t allow hard links to directories (except for the . and .. entries that mkdir creates itself).

Breaking Down Camps

As the guy who pitched in for both BarCamp and MashupCamp, I should comment on the back and forth that happened this weekend.

MSN Spaces Clears Space For Ads

Bloggers who use MSN Spaces for their posts can place advertising on their blogs now, with options for Amazon associates and Kanoodle ads offered.

Find A Parking Space Online

Big city residents have to deal with a problem those of us in smaller cities don’t encounter as often: the dearth of available parking spaces; one website in development will offer San Franciscans a way to find some open spaces online.

Orbimage Buys Space Imaging

Perhaps strategically timed just after the ClearView award announcements, Orbimage has snapped up Space Imaging in yet another shake-down in the remote sensing business.


It’s all happening. MashupCamp is a loosely joined open space event for mashing APIs and open source.

Google Space Could Expand Beyond London

The experimental Internet browsing center set up and staffed by Google at London’s Heathrow Airport could be an experiment repeated elsewhere.

Google Space Is Very Down-To-Earth

Either London’s Heathrow Airport will soon be replaced by one of Google’s fabled space elevators, or the Google Space project at Heathrow is just an elaborate testing ground.

Selling Billboard Space… Thru Craigslist? On the Inefficiency of Media Buying

As we know, the paid search auction has been the great shining tangible example of how inefficient markets can be quickly rationalized through an online auction scenario.

iPod Owners Thieving Wasters Of Space?

Though digital music players are equipped to store something like 20,000 songs, a new study says the average number of songs per player is only 375. What’s more, less than a quarter of the songs on them were paid for.

Amazon Expanding Office Space

Amazon.com Inc. has apparently been bursting at the seams, “shoe-horning” employees into its Seattle home base offices. In response to this overstuffing, the company has leased no less than 180,000 square feet, or half of the office space in Seattle’s tallest building.

Red Cross Requests Banner Space

In an effort to make sure everyone is aware of the situation in the United States gulf coast area and that they have the correct information about donating time and money towards recovery efforts surrounding Hurricane Katrina, the Red Cross is requesting webmasters with free web space download and display banners asking for donations and volunteers.

First Podcast From Space

As we wait for the space shuttle to return safely to earth – delayed until Tuesday, according to a BBC News report …

Mr. Olsen Goes To Space

US millionaire Gregory Olsen will pay Russia’s space agency $20 million USD for a trip to the International Space Station.

Face For Ad Space On Ebay
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Over the years, a lot of items have shown up for sale on Ebay. You can go on Ebay and find rare books dating back hundreds of years. You can also find Beanie Babies dating back 2 years. At times, Ebay has had some very peculiar things for sale too. Right now, you can buy a voodoo hex to put on someone, a mystery mailing tube (whatever that is), and even autographed breast implants. Someone once tried to sell his soul on Ebay.

Titan Lake Spotted By Cassini

A moon of the planet Saturn may have a chemical lake near its south pole, based on images returned by the Cassini probe.

NASA, Xerox, Team On Voice Recognition In Space

With thousands of tasks on hand for astronauts, a voice recognitions system can be of tremendous help.

Ten Ways To Sell Advertising Space Fast
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1. Give your customers a discount when they spend over a certain dollar amount for ad space. You can also apply this tip to the amount of ads they buy.

Cosmos-1 May Be Lost In Space

The solar sail craft launched on June 21 into orbit, but has not been detected yet by ground controllers.

Photons to Torpedo Solar Sails Into Space

The Planetary Society aims for the final frontier with the launch of their Cosmos 1. A Russian Volna rocket carrying the Cosmos blasted off today from the Barents Sea in the belly of a Russian submarine. In four days, the sails will unfurl and imagination will be taken aback as reality becomes more fantastic.