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Puppeteer Gets A Charming E3 2013 Trailer

E3 2013 is still a few days away, but that’s not going to stop Sony from releasing a few trailers of the game it intends to show off at the event. The first of undoubtedly many is the super charming Puppeteer. The platformer from Sony Japan Studio has been high on my list of most anticipated games of 2013 since …

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What The Heck Is Sony Teasing In This New Trailer?

Sony is going to announce a new game on May 21. It’s codenamed Panopticon. There’s no word on platforms yet, but it could very well be a PS4 game. Here’s the first trailer that gives us a good look at the game while telling us absolutely nothing about it: People are already drawing comparisons to Square’s The World Ends With …

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