What The Heck Is Sony Teasing In This New Trailer?

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Sony is going to announce a new game on May 21. It's codenamed Panopticon. There's no word on platforms yet, but it could very well be a PS4 game. Here's the first trailer that gives us a good look at the game while telling us absolutely nothing about it:

People are already drawing comparisons to Square's The World Ends With You. That's probably not the case, however, as this is a Sony Japan Studio game. The studio is already hard at work on Rain and Puppeteer for the PS3 so it will be interesting to see if this is a PS3 or a PS4 launch game. I'm willing to bet on the latter as Sony Japan Studio has typically always had a game out at or near the launch of a new console.

Either way, we'll find out more on May 21. I'm excited to find out more, and the buzz on the Internet seems to indicate I'm not alone.

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