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Here’s the Most Popular Sex Song, According to Spotify

What’s the best song on Spotify for getting down to business? According to the streaming company, it’s Intro by The XX: Damn, that is a great song. How does Spotify know this? Apparently, the company combed through 2.5 million user-curated playlists made for “sex”. The Guardian has the gender breakdown on those sex playlists – and if you guessed that …

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Google May Have Just Killed A Whole Category Of Websites

Over time, Google has been showing more and more content on search results pages, resulting in people having to click over to third-party websites for fewer and fewer things. Now, Google is showing song lyrics, in what should be considered an enormous blow to lyrics sites. Is Google going overboard with the content it’s providing on search results page or …

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Crappy Stock Photography Gets the Anthem It Deserves

In my job and many jobs like it, stock photography is one of those necessary evils. Sure, the images are corny and contrived, but sometimes you just gotta use them. Often, we will spend time browsing stock photo services, simply looking for the most ridiculous images available. Seriously, if you have access to any stock photo service, it’s worth your …

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Former GAME Employee Sings in Front of Closed Store

Game Group PLC recently announced that CEO Ian Shepherd would be stepping down, and that PricewaterhouseCoopers would be taking over administration of the company. This came after months of failed bargaining with lenders to try and keep the company afloat. These were months that employees at their GAME and Gamestation retail stores had to wonder whether or not they would …

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Facebook IPO Won’t Change The Company

Did you hear? Facebook is popular. So popular in fact that they may be going public to the tune of $100 billion dollars. That’s not the exciting news though. Billboard Editorial Director Bill Werde recently interviewed Dan Rose, VP of Partnerships for Facebook. Out of the interview came the tidbit that over 5 billion songs have been shared on Facebook …

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