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Here’s Eric Schmidt’s Solve For X Speech

Google has released the video for Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt’s recent speech from the company’s Solve For X event. “A lot of life is about luck, and our goal is to make more luck for ourselves, so that the little gem of an idea that could change the world becomes an idea that could really change the world,” he says. …

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Sergey Brin Talks ‘Moonshots’ And Pizza

I’m starting to think he really doesn’t take that Google Glass off. Google co-founder recently spoke at Google’s Solve For X event, and the company has made the speech available online. The event is about “moonshot” ideas, and he shares his moonshot idea for an online pizza delivery system, which eventually led to the birth of Google. “Even when you …

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3D Printing, Robots Will Revolutionize American Manufacturing

Earlier this week, President Obama surprised a lot of people in the 3D printing community by namedropping the technology during his State of the Union Address as a way to spur innovation and manufacturing in the U.S. It was the first time the technology had been brought up on the national stage in such a positive light. Here’s what the …

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Inflatable Robots And More Discussed At Google Event [Solve for X]

Google hosted its Solve for X Event last week, and has now released the presentations. Solve for X is a gathering of scientists, entrepreneurs, and innovators, who come together to present “moonshot” proposals, as Google calls them. These are ideas aimed at solving big problems in the world. It’s kind of TED Talks-esque. Last year’s presentations discussed drug delivery, imaging …

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Google Solve For X Event: The Presentations [Videos]

It was discovered that Google quietly hosted an event last week called “Solve For X” where smart people gathered to discuss technology and solutions for real world problems. One particularly interesting element to the story was that Richard DeVaul, of the “Google X” team was involved. Google X, is Google’s mysterious lab, the existence of which was revealed by the …

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Solve For X Event Tied To Google X, Google’s “Secret Robot Lab”

Google’s Richard DeVaul, who goes by the title, “Rapid Evaluator (mad scientist)” posted on Google+: The “solve for x” conference continues to be really interesting. Today we have had talks on transforming education, 5x improvements in agriculture through better decision support, synthetic biology and carbon-negative biofuels. The “solve for x” YouTube channel and web site with all presentations will be …

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