Mobile Site Speed To Be A Google Ranking Factor?

Mobile Site Speed To Be A Google Ranking Factor?

By Chris Crum June 12, 2013 | 5 Comments

Google has clearly had it with sites that have lackluster mobile experiences. This week, the company took to its Webmater Central blog to discuss “several ranking changes” it’s preparing for sites not configured for smartphone users. But that’s not all. …

Google Will Soon Ignore Links You Tell It To Google Will Soon Ignore Links You Tell It To

Google’s Matt Cutts gave a keynote “You and A” presentation at SMX Advanced this week, and mentioned that Google is considering offering a tool that would let webmasters disavow certain links. Would you find such a tool useful? Let us …

Matt Cutts Gives An Update On Penguin Matt Cutts Gives An Update On Penguin

Googe’s Matt Cutts participated in a keynote discussion at SMX Advanced, and as you might have guess, the topics of Google’s Penguin and Panda updates came up more than once. Matt McGee liveblogged the event for the SMX-affiliated Search Engine …

Matt Cutts: Google Doesn’t Use Bounce Rate Matt Cutts: Google Doesn’t Use Bounce Rate

There’s been a lot of talk over the years (especially post Panda update) about whether or not Google uses bounce rate as a ranking signal. In fact, even this morning at SMX Advanced in the SEO Periodic Table session, the …

The Mad Scientists Of Paid Search The Mad Scientists Of Paid Search

Following the “Periodic Table of SEO” session at SMX Advanced today, was the Mad Scientists of Paid Search session. SMX’s description of the session says, “Our mad scientists emerge from their PPC labs, where they’ve been assembling keywords words, bidding …

Twitter Reacts To Period Table Of SEO SMX Session Twitter Reacts To Period Table Of SEO SMX Session

SMX Advanced is officially underway in Seattle, and the first session was: The Periodic Table Of SEO: 2012 Edition. SMX’s official description for the session is as follows: We introduced the Periodic Table Of SEO last year at SMX Advanced. …

Matt Cutts To Keynote SMX Advanced Matt Cutts To Keynote SMX Advanced

SMX Advanced gets started on Tuesday in Seattle. In what many, I’m sure, will consider the highlight, Google’s Matt Cutts will keynote. Here’s what the SMX site says about it: Google software engineer Matt Cutts will be returning to SMX …

New Google Panda Update Approved, On the Way New Google Panda Update Approved, On the Way

Google’s Matt Cutts spoke in a Q&A session with Danny Sullivan at SMX Advanced this week, and discussed the Panda update, among other things. A lot of sites have been critical of Google for returning results that are scraped versions …

Time to Start Placing More Emphasis on Bing SEO

Google SEO vs Bing SEO has been a topic of discussion throughout the industry since Bing was launched. The topic got some heavy play last week at the SMX Advanced conference, and with Yahoo and Bing coming together sometime this year, online marketers are going to want to start thinking harder about incorporating Bing into their strategies if they are not already doing so.

Why Recent Google Algorithm Update is Costing Some Sites
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Google’s recent algorithm update, nicknamed "Mayday" by webmasters got a lot of people riled up, as many claimed it seriously affected their rankings, and potentially their revenues.

Do you think the update has affected your revenue? Comment here.

Bing Talks New Webmaster Tools
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Microsoft made some significant announcements related to Bing at SMX Advanced in Seattle. Later this summer, Bing will offer a redesigned version of Bing Webmaster Tools based on feedback from webmasters. The tools will provide webmasters with a simplified, more intuitive experience that delivers a comprehensive view of how Bing indexes their sites, a representative for Bing tells WebProNews.

 Highlights include:

Caffeine Transforms Google From Bus to Limo
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WebProNews spoke with Google’s Matt Cutts out at SMX Advanced today. He talked a little about Caffeine, which Google just announced is complete, nearly a year after its initial announcement at SES, when Matt also spoke with us about it.

Putting Twitter into Perspective
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Brett Tabke was among the speakers on the ‘Mega Panel’ at SMX Advanced this year. This session essentially consists of a panel of established industry experts fielding questions from the crowd of conference attendees. It never takes long in these type of sessions to get a feel for what’s on everybody’s mind. This year, to the surprise of exactly no one, it was all things social media and Twitter that dominating the Q & A.

Google Changes to No-Follow on the Horizon?
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We made a video at SMX Advanced with Stephen Spencer recently where we discussed (among other things) some changes expected(?) to be coming to Google in terms of the no-follow attribute.  These no-follow changes have some pretty significant implications for lots of things, first and foremost though it seems these changes are specifically geared to mitigate, to some degree, the effectiveness of PR sculpting.

SEO Checklist with Vanessa Fox
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When you are evaluating your website from an SEO/Indexing/Crawlability perspective there are a few things to keep in mind and some important questions you may not be asking yourself. What questions are you asking yourself? Share with WebProNews readers.

Juice Up Your PPC Quality Score from the Get Go
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Abby Johnson of WebProNews had a nice chat with FindMeFaster’s Matt Van Wagner about PPC campaign strategies and ad copy at the SMX Advanced conference in Seattle this week. For one, they discussed how to get a good quality score right from the beginning. Talk about your strategies for achieving a good quality score.

Paid Search Tips From Microsoft, Facebook, And Others

Companies that have made it this far should feel hopeful about the future; we may finally be coming out of the recession.  Not everything’s back to normal, though – just ask General Motors – and so if you’re in the position of needing to justify the use of paid search (or just wanting to get better at it), a session at SMX Advanced aimed to help.