EndlessJabber Lets Android Users Send And Receive Texts Remotely

EndlessJabber Lets Android Users Send And Receive Texts Remotely

By WebProNews Staff September 2, 2014

EndlessJabber is a new Android app, which enables users to send and receive SMS/MMS messages from any PC, tablet, web browser or XMPP client. The folks behind it are currently raising funds through KickStarter. Here’s why you might find the …

Worldwide Mobile Payments to Hit $171 Billion in 2012 Worldwide Mobile Payments to Hit $171 Billion in 2012

The IT analysts at Gartner, Inc. have announced that worldwide mobile payment transaction values will reach $171.5 billion this year. That is a 61.9% increase over 2011. The number of mobile payment users will also significantly increase this year, hitting …

Apple Patents Mass-Texting New Contact Info Apple Patents Mass-Texting New Contact Info
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Everybody knows what a pain it can be to change your phone number. Not only do you have to memorize your new number (a step some people never bother to take), you have to update your contact info all over …

Twitter SMS: Satellite Support Added Twitter SMS: Satellite Support Added
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Twitter announced today that it has partnered with Iridium and Thuraya, the two largest satellite operators, so that subscribers of these services have access to Twitter SMS. “Now, even if phone lines and the Internet are inaccessible — for example, …

iPhone App That Could Save Careers iPhone App That Could Save Careers

There is no shortage of apps and add-ons to iPhones that are huge helps to people. Within apps alone, you can do your banking, queue up (or watch) Netflix choices, edit HD photos, learn to play guitar, or buy anything …

Free Text Messaging App From Yahoo: Hub Free Text Messaging App From Yahoo: Hub

Were you just thinking to yourself: “I wish there were an easier way to have conversations from my phone?” If so, Yahoo claims to have the solution with its mobile app Hub, which comes with the tagline: “conversations made easy”. …

AT&T Messaging Plans: Perspectives AT&T Messaging Plans: Perspectives

AT&T is getting people riled up with its new plans for messing plans. This is not exactly the first time AT&T has touched a giant nerve among customers. Another recent nerve-touching occurred when the company put its data limits in …

WordPress Launches WordPress.com Text Message Features
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Wordpress has announced the launch of WordPress.com Text Messaging. Users can text 77377 (PRESS) to manage their blogs using SMS messages.

There are free features as well as upgrade features available. For free, users can receive text notifications when users are added or removed, when the theme changes, and/or when the privacy settings change. 

Twitter Gets More SMS-Friendly

Twitter users in the U.S. can now follow Twitter accounts via SMS without actually signing up for Twitter. You can also now sign up for Twitter via SMS . To follow someone this way, text "follow UserNameHere" to 40404. To Sign up, text "Signup".

Twitter Acquires SMS Specialist Cloudhopper
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Life is good – and rather Twitter-centric – for Joe Lauer and Kristin Kanaar.  Not only did they get to see Twitter hero Conan O’Brien perform last night, but today, Twitter announced that it’s acquired their messaging infrastructure company, Cloudhopper.

The Twitter-Cloudhopper relationship apparently goes back quite a ways.  Kevin Thau, Twitter’s director of mobile business development, explained on the Twitter Blog this afternoon that they’ve been working together for about eight months.

Google Voice Simplifies SMS to Multiple Recipients

Google has taken steps to make sending text messages to multiple recipients a little bit easier with Google Voice. In the past, users had to copy and paste the message for each person on the list.

Google is now letting users send the message to multiple people at once. Users now just need to click on the SMS button at the top of their Google Voice inbox, enter the names/numbers in the "To" field, separated by commas, and write the message.

ChaCha Closes $7 Million Round of Funding

Answers service ChaCha announced today that it has closed a $7 million E round of funding. The service lets users go online, call, or text questions on mobile phones and receive answers "within minutes" for free. The service has an iPhone app and lets people ask questions via Twitter as well.

This round of funding might be particularly significant for the company. "We believe this latest round provides ChaCha the cash required to reach profitability," says CEO Scott A. Jones.

Ping.fm Acquired by Seesmic
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Seesmic announced today that it has acquired Ping.fm. This is a service that has half a million active users posting daily from various devices by sending email, text messages, and chat.

Twitter Takes SMS Tweeting to Australia
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Twitter has partnered with Telstra to launch Twitter SMS in Australia.

"As always, it is free to receive notifications and standard text messaging rates apply to sending," says Twitter’s Kevin Thau. "It’s the same pricing as sending and receiving text messages from friends."

Blackberry and Android Get Google Voice Mobile App
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Google Voice just became much easier to use for Blackberry and Android owners as a new mobile app has been released.

Will you be downloading the new Google Voice app for Blackberry or Android. Tell us.

Google SMS Launches
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Google’s Android represented a big step in the mobile market; it’s meant to run on the newest devices and keep up with the best competing operating systems.  Yet $400 smartphones aren’t really all that affordable, and so for people in Africa, Google SMS has been introduced.

Facebook Moves Further Into Twitter Territory
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Facebook is now offering its users the ability to receive their friends’ status updates via text message on their phones. If you click on the "subscribe via SMS" link below your friends’ profile pics, you get their latest updates this way.