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Popular Songs The CIA Used To Torture Detainees

One of the most potent ways of torture is without touch: first, confine the detainee in a windowless 6 x 9 ft. solitary cell, shackle them to the wall, leave a bucket for defecating and urination, and blast the Sesame Street theme song on repeat for a full 24 hours. The Senate Intelligence Committee’s CIA torture report  revealed the agencies’ …

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Sleep Deprivation Could Be Destroying Your Health

Not surprisingly, sleep deprivation can be life threatening in more ways than one. We’ve all had sleepless nights at one time or another and for most, the next day was dreadful. “Sleep deprivation is the single most dangerous aspect of any sleep disorder, because you have no idea that you are compromised cognitively, physically and emotionally,” says sleep expert Michael …

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Sleep Deprivation: Is It Causing You Harm?

Did you know that the average person will spend a third of his or her life asleep? Some estimate the number to add up to about 26 years! It may seem like a bummer given how much you’ll likely miss due to being unconscious. However, this sentiment will change if you allow yourself to appreciate the importance of getting a …

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Less Sleep Leads to More Calories, Shows Study

For people with more to do and ever less time to do it in, poor sleep habits and a bad diet are almost an inevitability. Now, a new study has shown that those poor sleep habits might actually be driving people to eat higher-calorie foods. The study, published in the journal Obesity, showed that people who missed one night of …

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Huffington Post Adding Third Napping Room

How many times have you been at your desk and had the overwhelming urge to take a nap? What if all you had to do was book the “nap room?” Well that is exactly what life is like at the Huffington Post. Arriana Huffington has been warning of the dangers of sleep deprivation for years now. She had an episode …

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